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Artificial Grass Tennis Court – The Qualities and Benefits

The thought of building a private tennis court pops up in the head of most tennis players at some point. Who would not be excited by the opportunity of being able to play on a court that is always available and waiting for you! However, some aspects need to be considered beforehand during tennis court construction planning.

What Should I Think About Before I Start With Tennis Court Construction?

Aspect #1 – Tennis & Me

First, if you think about tennis court construction, you need to consider your commitment to tennis. Before you decide on building a private tennis court, think how much time you plan to spend on your court. You should ask yourself how much you like tennis – and answer honestly. If you plan to play only once a year, there is not much point for a tennis court construction. However, if you do have your court, you certainly will start to play tennis more often. Furthermore, you will attract your friends, acquaintances, and neighbors to the court as well.

It is also possible to build a tennis court for the whole community. In this case, the court is shared between people, which allows dividing costs, and you will always have a playing partner.

Aspect #2 – The Location of The Court

Second, you have to take into account the location of the court. Do you physically have enough land for a tennis court with dimensions 18,27 m x 36,57 m? Additionally, the roads leading to your court need to be accessible for the transport of all the materials. If the location of your court can not be easily accessed, the construction might get complicated.

You should also think about other factors, such as the weather arcs. If possible, the position of the court should be in the direction of east-west, not north-south. Why? Because the position of the sun in relation to the players is better that way since you don’t have the sun shining into your eyes for the whole time. Furthermore, when the court is located in a devoid area, the strong wind might start disturbing the game.

If you want to improve your exercise regimen as well as enhance the possibilities of your tennis court, you should consider getting a practice wall. Jimmy Connors has said that his favorite opponent is the practice wall as the wall never misses. So, if Jimmy Connors likes the practice wall, then why shouldn’t you?

Aspect #3 – The Surface of the Court

Last but not least, you have to choose the surface of the court carefully. Think about which surface you like the most and what your budget is. To help you choose, TennisKit24 has an article about the aspects of different surfaces. Although hard court might be your absolute favorite, the building process of this surface is complicated. Also, the price of hard court in comparison to other surfaces is remarkably high.

The artificial grass tennis court is one of the most popular options in the wide choice of surfaces for private tennis courts, mainly because of its price. In addition, easy construction and maintenance of artificial grass tennis court are also important. The artificial grass tennis court construction only consists of two parts – the sub-base construction and artificial grass installation. The general maintenance of the court also does not require much effort since artificial grass tennis court needs more thorough maintenance only once in a year, in spring.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

1.   Healthy for the Body

The artificial grass is considered to be safer than the other alternative surfaces. It is definitely a player-friendly surface. Tennis can be a rough sport for your body; therefore, it is important to minimize all the impacts on players’ joints. For example, clay courts can cause injuries because of the movement of the clay material, and hard courts can be tough on joints. On the contrary, the softness of the artificial grass helps to prevent injuries. It reduces stress to all your harmful spots such as ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.

2.   Various Playing Advantages

One of the most important benefits of artificial grass is the quick recovery of the surface after the rain. Namely, an artificial grass tennis court dries out quickly and is far less slippery in wet weather than other surfaces. This allows extending the court’s playing hours since the players can return to the court and continue their game as soon as possible.

Furthermore, artificial grass provides a more consistent surface. As in the thickness of artificial grass doesn’t occur any variation, which guarantees the surface remains smooth. The court also doesn’t become uneven or bumpy that often happens with clay court, for example.

3.   Easy Maintenance and Construction

The price is always important, and in some cases, it might be the last obstacle in the way to your private court. Don’t worry – we have good news for you! Besides previously explained benefits, the reason for the popularity of artificial grass also lies in easy and low-cost tennis court construction compared to other surfaces.

In addition to easy construction is easy maintenance. Artificial grass tennis court needs more thorough maintenance only once in a year, in spring. Since artificial grass is a hard-wearing surface and has quite high weather-resistance, the general maintenance doesn’t take too much effort nor time. Most of the time, the court only needs to be cleaned of all the leaves and litter.

Summing Things Up!

At this point, you are probably convinced by all the advantages of an artificial grass tennis court. For ideas and inspiration, follow TennisKit24 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.