5 Bars to Check Out in Dallas, Texas

Texas continues to bring in more young adults each year. Dallas has a large number of colleges and universities which bring in many new residents who love to enjoy the nightlife. Here are 5 bars that are rated amongst the best in Dallas.

Neon Kitten

We had to throw his one out there first because of its attractive name. You must be thinking, “What the heck is Neon Kitten?” And we are going to fill you in. If you’re not aware of what an Izakaya is, then let us explain. Izakaya is the Japanese take on a pub. It’s mostly an informal bar where you go to have a drink after work, get comfortable, and relax.

Well, Dallas has their own Izakaya and it’s Neon Kitten. This place is anything but a traditional bar. The colors bursting from every corner and the handcrafted drinks are just one thing that tip you off to this. They make their Asain snacks, dim sum, and their drinks are made with traditional Japanese liquor and spirits.

Deep End

After telling you about this place, you’re going to be looking into Dallas houses for rent if you haven’t been searching already. There’s a part of Dallas called Deep Ellum where there is a large art and music scene. This draws tons of people throughout the year but especially so in the summer months. And what is better to assist with a cool down on a hot summer day than a cocktail in a pool? Not much else compares.

During the operating months, you can order breakfast every day and lunch or dinner on other exclusive days. Additionally, if you’re truly looking to impress, you can do a private dining event poolside in one of the adorable cabanas that will have you feeling like you’re in the Maldives.

Lee Harvey’s

Maybe poolside parties aren’t your idea of the best place to drink. Some of us are into the dive bar scene. Lee Harveys offers an outside experience with fire pits and picnic tables. Inside you’ll find many of the original structures such as panel walls and neon signs. This bar has been operating for over 50 years and showcases that “vintage” style.

They serve food every night of the week if you’re just looking for some grub. There’s no shame in going to a pub for food and no beer. And even though they have been operating for a long time and still put out a gritty vibe, they cater to vegetarians and use fresh ingredients in all of their meals.

The Midnight Rambler

This chic bar is located in downtown Dallas underneath a very hip hotel called the Joule Hotel. This spot is more for the “cool” crowd but does not discriminate against newcomers. This joint is so popular that you must make a reservation to attend. Enjoy your perfected cocktails on one of their many leather couches or at their glass-shelved bar.

Their bartender there has won awards for his signature cocktails and skills with the shaker. On the weekends you can find this place packed with well-dressed customers in their blazers and heels. It is most certainly not for everyone, but for everyone who is looking for the hottest place in town.

The Foundry

Lastly, this one is for all outdoors lovers. Some of you are die-hards and we know how important it is to you to relax with a brew in the great outdoors. Well at the Foundry, you’ll fall in love with their beer and wine selections and scenery. This is an outdoor bar and music spot where all ages are welcome. They even want you to bring your kids so they can run around and enjoy the tunes with the rest of us. They even encourage you to bring your dogs!

These places are just a scratch on the surface of the options available in Dallas. There are tons of nightclubs as well that we didn’t discuss here. Many of the local restaurants and other food and beverage locations have their kind of vibe. You shouldn’t be surprised to find a couple dozen with unique concepts. And with everything to choose from, you’re bound to find your new favorite spot.

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