What you need to know about hiring a WordPress developer

Any small business, entrepreneur or expert, just as a large enterprise or platform, has an opportunity to grow globally and represent goods and services on their website. WordPress is definitely the most widespread tool to create a website. It is used by approximately 60% of all CMS and offers a wide range of complexity options.

A variety of existing themes and plugins are available on WordPress for building a simple, functional, user-friendly website by anyone without tech skills. However, this is not the path for the large companies and complex businesses requiring more sophisticated solutions. A higher-level WordPress website with customized experiences needs a skilled developer who will design and implement necessary features and structure expanding the limits of the templates. A professionally developed WordPress website would help achieve the business and marketing goals.

Reasons for hiring a WordPress specialist:

  1. A customized website will serve the business’s needs and communicate the specific company’s messages to the clients clearly.
  2. Technical SEO makes a website optimized for search engines and allows to create WordPress programming with well-organized data and structure, which are clear and easy to identify.
  3. Conversion improvement occurs due to the personalized approach to the website visitors.
  4. Professional approach in WordPress development helps secure the data and protect vulnerable areas. This factor is significant and should be considered not only by large corporations, as about 67% of the cyberattacks are on SMB. A WordPress development company will inspect the server security and code thoroughly to protect from the cybercriminals’ attack.
  5. Fine analytics adjustment enhances the marketing strategies allowing to reach exactly visitors the businesses are interested in.

Factors to consider when searching for a professional WordPress development

Depending on the needs and budget, you may decide which way of creating a WordPress website may be more efficient for the business. In case you want to raise the bar and build a unique website going beyond the templates, beware that quality custom WordPress development services might be challenging to find and understanding the main assessment criteria would help make a better choice.

  • Charges for the services vary greatly. Do understand that the quality work cannot be too cheap and very low rates may reflect on the quality.
  • Portfolio with completed projects shows the professional level and if the style of the service provider is in accordance with the business.
  • Feedback and references from previous clients indicate the results achieved and tell about the development process, such as the quality of communication, speed, attention to details, and understanding the company’s needs.
  • Tools used by the developer impact the website’s functionality and possibility to make adjustments in the future.
  • Suitable approach has to be determined just like with hiring a full-time team member. You may hire the most professional outsource WordPress development company, which is great for others but is not the best option for you. Look for people on the same page with you in every aspect of your life and work. The right chemistry will make things happen smoothly.

Where to look for WordPress developers

  • Freelance marketplaces are always an excellent opportunity for beginners to find their first clients. But many of the platforms also offer profiles of high-level WordPress development companies offering professional development outsource services with reasonable pricing.
  • Social networks, especially those specialized in professional services like LinkedIn, provide all the necessary information about the services available, just as the previous projects and expertise.
  • Google search will help find a service provider with the proper qualification and in the area you are interested in. Try indicating a more specific inquiry to find someone specialized in your niche.

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Working on a large WordPress project may require hiring a team or an outsource development company, which in many ways is similar to working with an individual developer but has its peculiarities. Send a technical task and project requirements to different vendors, ask for their quotes, check recommendations and ratings. A great WordPress development company can offer your projects’ long-term support with all aspects covered and systematic updates. Working with the outsource team is often a more efficient alternative to having a full-time developer. Consider your requirements for the WordPress website and work on the development in a way, which brings the highest revenue, results and satisfaction to the business.

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