What is mobile app marketing?

Mobile app marketing refers to a set of methods and actionable techniques used to attract and retain app users.
No matter how useful and well-designed your app is, it won’t sell itself. There are millions of apps on Google Play and the Apple Store. Unless you promote your app, it will never see the light of day.

The mobile app marketing funnel

App marketing involves five stages, commonly referred to as the mobile app marketing funnel. These stages include:

  • Discovery. In this stage, potential users of your app are exposed to it. To do this, you’ll need to make sure your app is being found by your target audience.
  • Engagement. Once potential users see your app, increase their interest by providing them with information on what the app is and what it can do for them.
  • Conversion. If you caught the attention of your audience in the previous stage, they will download the app. Make sure this experience is positive and accessible.
  • Dialogue. Be responsive to customer feedback and prioritize customer satisfaction.
  • Retention. Don’t just focus on converting new users. Make sure your existing users continue to use the app by offering new content.

Your app strategy should address each of these stages both prior to launching your app, as well as after you’ve launched.

Pre-launch marketing

If you want your app to be a success, you should be working on app campaigns well before your app goes live. Generally, you should plan to market your app at least two months prior to launch. Some of the best pre-launch marketing strategies include:

  • Create a landing page/website. At the minimum, your app should have a landing page that tells people what your app and brand are all about. Even better, a full website with a blog, demo video, and Q&A will help drive traffic. Though you can’t use SEO on your actual app, you can use SEO to market your app’s website.
  • Promote on social media. Make a socials account for your app on Facebook or Instagram and recruit influencers to promote your app and generate interest.

Post-launch marketing

Once your app is launched, your marketing campaign doesn’t stop – it just changes. Mobile app marketing tactics at this stage may include:

  • Spend money on social media promotion. This is one of the best ways to obtain those first thousand app downloads.
  • Get reviews. In-app pop-ups asking users to review the app and soliciting professional review sites will increase the credibility and popularity of your app.
  • Create mobile ads. Pay to promote your app on apps with a similar target audience.
  • Use push notifications. Though push notifications are a great way to keep your users engaged, make sure not to overdo it, or they’ll disable them.
  • Gain insight from analytics. The great thing about apps is that you can (and should) always update it. Use analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t and make changes accordingly.

How we can help

As an app agency, our team at App & More will take care of the analytics and help you throughout each stage of app launch. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you.

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