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Top tips For Incorporating Marketing Automation into your SEO strategy

Digital marketing in the current oversaturated marketplace can be tough for online businesses. This is why many focus a lot of energy and funds into improving their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which allows companies to return higher up in Google searches. But with this desire to reach the top, many are perhaps injecting too much manpower into this field without actually considering the consequences of this technique. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how many clicks you rack up, it matters what happens when the user clicks on the site. We are going to have a look at some top tips for incorporating Marketing Automation for SEO into your business strategy to allow for success. Ideally you want your SEO to be working symbiotically with your Marketing Automation to allow for an impressive boost to your ecommerce marketing strategies.

Automating SEO

Using marketing automation for SEO allows for, above all, an automation of SEO. The importance of SEO, as we have discussed, is invaluable in the internet age. It is a gateway for organic leads into your business. However, it is highly repetitive and can take a lot to run. Automation of this allows for a freeing up of SEO and means resources can be invested into other areas which are not so easy to automate. Finding keywords, ROI tracking and link building is just as effectively completed using marketing automation. This automation can also analyse ads and the way people are interacting with landing pages to better understand the target audience, which in turn can be utilised in the future. By employing marketing automation you can also, more than likely, produce a better SEO campaign as the computer can analyse the data deeper and to a higher quality much quicker than any human could – they help marketers make sense of all the information. The data is much more reliable, easier to interpret and can be facilitated better. With a much more efficient SEO campaign you can get clicks galore.


Being in that top 3 Google search with a strong SEO campaign isn’t the be-all and end-all unfortunately for many businesses. Creating an organic base for clicks is an admirable status many hope to achieve in the digital marketplace, but when you don’t turn clicks into interactions and sales then there’s little point getting the clicks in the first place. To make sure you capture user interest many companies are increasingly turning to hyper-personalized marketing strategies. Take Starbucks, for example, they are now providing customers with their very own menu constructed from previous purchase data, a clever ploy for one of the most international corporate companies in the world to seem like they know you like a local teahouse would. By adopting Marketing Automation for SEO you can provide customer recommendations and increased personalised content due to its artificial intelligence finding out what their interests are. This means you can tailor the perfect content to compliment the clicks you are getting. Marketing automation allows for easy robotisation to gather information and data on the user to tailor it for the best experience possible, which in turn will allow for favourable results.

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Better data analysis

The ease that Marketing Automation provides in showing companies potential leads is invaluable. The automation and collection of data allows businesses to predict leads much more successfully than what would have been possible before. SEO is important for attracting users, but ultimately the business is not going to appeal to everyone, and even if it does appeal to some this may not result in an effective lead. By using automated marketing in SEO you can quickly identify leads much quicker, meaning there can be an increased focus on marketing towards these users. The marketing automation can analyse then act upon various different variables from demographics, to behavioural data and timelines. This means your sales team can focus your resources and campaign towards the users who the campaign is most likely to catch the attention of.

This better data analysis can also prove valuable to those businesses looking to collect data before advertising and selling their company. If selling your Instagram account appeals to you, with the help of Social Tradia and data analysis, you can ensure that you are receiving the right price for your social account by targeting and advertising to the correct audience.

Improved efficiency

Asides from anything, you can have a look at a back to basics approach to business management and realise that marketing automation is fundamentally more efficient than traditional means from a purely economical view. It not only does things quicker, but it allows for traditional people power to be freed up and used in a much more effective field that automation cannot be used in. The use of powerful deep learning workstations could be hugely useful in allowing marketing automation for SEO. They can do their job with ease, which means more time to secure deals, follow up investors or design the next breakthrough for human employees. Indeed, the process is generally quicker and requires less effort which is money-saving in itself, but by creating a much more effective SEO and overall marketing campaign, marketing automation can allow businesses to nurture leads, structure better SEO campaigns and ultimately attract more users. Basically, saving money at both ends. It is a bit of a no-brainer, and it is really no wonder this technique is becoming increasingly popular.

How do you do it?

So in order for you to start a process of marketing automation for SEO content within your business, you are going to have to know where to start first. Creating a comprehensive content funnel which takes leads from their initial click all the way through the website to an eventual purchase or signing up is what you are after. This will involve a strong marketing automation, an impressive landing page which entices the user in and a focus on sharing the correct content to the correct user. By analysing SEO trends (which are volatile and must be kept up to date with in order to remain competitive) and linking or sharing you can make sure users are aware of the brand and even advertising it amongst themselves for you. Social media communication can play a big role in this. By adopting a strong social media presence within your company, you gain valuable rapport with users and potential users alike. It gives a business that more human touch which is admired by many. Bearing that in mind it is sometimes useful to adopt OMG content which garners interest among more than normal content. This type of marketing can optimise your campaign. Using marketing automation for SEO means you can use both techniques to your advantage, which ultimately means more meaningful traffic.

Nowadays, in such a globalised world, things seem to be becoming less and less individualistic. But what is important, is that businesses treat users as an individual by creating a nurturing customer relationship. This is the main pro of marketing automation for SEO. It allows a combination of both SEO success and also automated marketing which effectively saves time, money and can create a much more streamlined business marketing campaign, freeing up human-time to be used on more important tasks. Saving on administration, improving effectiveness and providing top analysis means improved strategies. Ultimately, it can be employed alongside other marketing techniques such as paid advertising and social media campaigns to create an effective, complete marketing campaign.