Top Legal Tools for Smooth Running of a Small Business

When you start a new business, you have to deal with a bunch of legal matters. Getting your business registered to filing the returns and ensuring that you comply with all the applicable tax regulations is not easy. The entire thing can be a bit overwhelming, particularly for new entrepreneurs. Things only get worse if they do not have any prior experience with legal matters.

Now, it is undoubtedly advisable to hire a business attorney. But we know how costly that is. So, what is the solution? There are many online tools and multiple resources, which can make the process simple and straightforward. To help you make the right pick, we asked a few businesses about the tools that they use to make their businesses’ legal matters less intimidating. Let us look at a few of their suggestions and a few of our personal favourites.

Rocket Lawyers

Ayaan, who works with TFTH and fulfil student query related to pay someone to do my homework”, says, that his company has used Rocket Lawyer for many years. The good thing about the platform is that it lets you pick the document as desired, such as a mutual non-compete agreement, and then its software will take you through a questionnaire. The questionnaire will populate the document.

Moreover, the templates are also very comprehensive. All you have to do is mail your documents for digital signatures, and that is all. Of course, there is a subscription fee that you need to bear, but it is 100% worth it.


Well, we have used LawDepot, and loved it. The tool is perfect for helping individuals and small businesses in the US. It is primarily helpful in creation, as well as the detailing of the legal documents. One of the most likable things about the platform is that they compile all your legal documents on their site. So, you can log in, download them, and access them whenever, as required.

State Bar Association hotlines

A lot of state bar associations tend to have zero-cost legal aid hotlines. So, you can call them and get quick legal advice for your business matters. It is incredibly helpful for small businesses. However, it is essential to know that getting legal help from a lawyer on call does not mean that he will represent you in a legal case. Either you represent yourself or you hire small business law attorneys.

But, of course, he will give you a direction in which you can proceed forward. Martha, an educator who works with an accounting homework help providing platform, TFTH, says that the legal system is a pricey affair, so they trust the State Bar Association hotlines anytime they need a free consultation. They can surely help you with the steps to move forward in the right direction.


Suppose you are looking for an online legal tool, which can help you verify whether your company’s intellectual property is free of trademark or copyright infringement. In that case, this is the perfect platform for you. It will help you cross-check the company name, logos, domain names, patents, slogans, and trademarks. Thus, you can always be assured that you are not violating any of the existing European or North American registered IP with this platform. Best part? It is 100% free.


When you are running a business, you will have to take steps to sign and send the documents continually. However, the important thing is you need to ensure that the entire thing is done safely. It is particularly important because the documents will have a lot of your confidential data.

So, DocuSign is the perfect tool for you. We recommend it because it uses encryption. Thus, all of your documents will be sealed and safe. Ria, a manager with FineGrades, says that they use DocuSign religiously at their company as it is a safe tool, which itself takes all the necessary measures to ensure that none of your business’ confidential data goes in wrong hands.


Jess, an online educator who offers best online python course, says that LegalZoom is an a la carte platform, where you pay only for the things you need. It is indeed a great thing for small business owners and new businesses. You can use the platform for legal advice. It can also help you decide the ideal form for your business – DBA, LLC, etc. Whenever required, you are free to speak to an actual attorney for more help.


Iubenda is an incredibly affordable tool, which can help you with lawyer-level solutions, and ensure that everything becomes super simple for you.

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