The Rise of Digital Payment Options in the Gaming and iGaming Industries

You may have noticed that there are now more different ways of paying online to play games. Whether it is to buy the game outright, to gain access to extra levels or to gamble with real money, this is a key aspect of gaming that you need to know about. What are the main issues behind the rise of digital payments options?

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Some of the Popular Methods to Consider

Cryptocurrencies promise to provide us with an interesting alternative in the future, although at the moment the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum can only be used on a limited number of gaming sites. More popular right now are online wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. These wallets are designed to let you move money in from your bank account and then send it to other people or use it to pay for goods and services.

In terms of alternatives, you could look for an online casino with Boku payment accepted. This mobile payment provider lets you instantly fund a casino account, directly from your phone using a simple, fast process. No downloading is required, which is why it is suitable for anyone who wants to fund their account from a smartphone with no hassle.

Why More Payment Options Were Needed?

It is easy to see why more payment options were needed in the gaming industry. With more people than ever before playing freemium games with in-app purchases, buying full-priced games and wagering money on casino titles, there was a need for new methods of moving money into their accounts easily and securely.

The fact that so many people from different countries now play games online has expanded this market enormously. While long-standing payment methods such as debit cards and bank transfers remain popular, the same ways of paying don’t suit everyone. This means that the selection has had to grow, to give everyone the chance to fund their accounts and to play.

What to Look for

With such a wide variety of payment methods now available, it might seem like a tough task to find one that suits you. Yet, you can get started quite easily by considering what features you need to look for and which options are currently available where you live. This will let you narrow down your options quickly.

For example, do you want an online wallet where you can keep your money until it is needed, or would you rather use a pre-paid card that you can load whenever you need to move some money across? Naturally, the fees and speed of the transfers vary between options, so you will also want to consider how quickly you want to move your money and whether you’re happy paying some fees.

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When we add in established alternatives such as online bank transfers, we can see that this market looks likely to carry on growing and diversifying. If you need to move money to start playing games, you’re now almost certain to find a method that suits you perfectly.

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