The Productivity Guide: Time Management Strategies that Work

For me, as a trained Medical Transcriptionist, audio to text transcription is a great way to work putting the earbuds in and shutting out the surrounding noise focus’ the concentration sharply on the task, and for the next hour or two nothing else matters. To many, this is a great way of remaining productive and earning an income from home.

How to Manage your Productivity

1.What is Productivity

Productivity is the ability to progress your work, without being sidetracked by distractions. It is great to work from home, as we are not distracted by endless chats and social agendas of others in the office. So as long as you stay in touch with others working at home can be most productive.

The more you type the faster you become at getting the text written. It is important to have a good understanding of the language that you are working in, and an average to good vocabulary. It is also a great way to learn and since undertaking the online training I have built on my learning with several other audio to text modules. Here are some tips to boost productivity.

2.Simple Ways to be More Productive Every Day

  • Stay engaged with your work and stay connected.
  • Get up at the same time daily
  • Go for a daily walk outside and drink coffee or tea!
  • Make sure that you have a designated work station.
  • If you have children, work when they are at school.
  • Tell friends you work, and the hours of work, so that they don’t drop in.
  • If you have moved your working life online, join a professional group, to discuss difficulties with others and iron out problems.
  • Stay on schedule, prioritize workload, and get it done.
  • Don’t become distracted by social media.
  • Remain professional when working.

3.Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

When you are constantly managing different work projects, it is essential not to burn out. Sometimes you will require double the energy to energize and inspire others. You also need to look at people who drain you, and if you can, eliminate them from your immediate circle. We all need to be surrounded by positive people who want the best for us, and if we are constantly with people who drain us, we will be unable to do our best work.

Block the time out on your calendar for particular events, like family holidays and birthday celebrations, and catch up with friends. Social activity with like-minded people is often what sustains us, but work is just as sustaining in a different way, so yes it is crucial to managing your energy. Treat yourself like an elite athlete, and eat the best healthiest foods. Maintain a moderate exercise regime, if you can start the day with it, to get moving.

4.Prepare the Night Before

Plan your ‘audio to text’ work to fit into your time frame, remember to take time to move around every hour. This will be easier when you have Audext, as it will help you to refine your plan very quickly saving you a lot of time.

Sit down with your schedule the night before, and plan what you will work on the following day. If you have a lot to do it is a good idea to make a list of everything that should be completed. If you are attending a meeting, read through the previous minutes and agenda for tomorrow, making notes of actions. If you have been allocated any tasks make sure that you have completed them, and be prepared to give feedback to the group.

Working days can be clarified and simplified with careful preparation, and we can all benefit from this.

5.Turn Your Phone of and Leave it in Another Room

When you are focusing on transcription, you can’t have your phone turned on, as it will disrupt you. Make a time to speak to others, at lunchtime or after work, as we have all got far too reliant on our phones, and need to concentrate wholly on our work.

When you are working, track your time and schedule on the one program, this will tell you how much you have worked.

6.Sit up or Stand up

It is important that you move around at least every hour. When in a working office the Work Health and Safety Coordinator tells us that we must move around every hour. If you have stairs, climb them and then come down again, this will get the circulation moving. When you are working, make sure that your chair and desk are ergonomically positioned and arranged for optimal comfort.

If you have a dog take him out on a leash for half an hour about three times a day, this will help to clear your head and keep you working.

Go up a hill to focus on the horizon as this is a good exercise for your eyes.

7.Use Special Tools

Audext is a great app for people who are studying. It combines a media player and a text editor to analyze an audio recording and saves each word into a transcript of the video recording. This helps researchers transcribe audio online. Many people use it for meeting minutes. Audext audio to text converter has a high consumer rating of 5 stars from 7 reviews showing that most people are happy with their purchase.

8.Develop a pre-game Routine to Start Your Day

When you are time-poor a program like Audext is very valuable. You can get a free thirty-minute trial and try it for yourself to see what it does for you. When I first did Medical Transcription a few years ago, this tool was not available, and I will now be able to purchase it and turbocharge my working day. Once I have edited and corrected the text, it will still save time, and I envisage getting a lot more work done.

This is great, to do three hours of audio files in around 40 minutes is perfect, and this is a product I would use.

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