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The Power of a Highly Motivated Staff Team

Every business can benefit from having a motivated staff team. The advantages of positive, driven employees are well documented. Motivated teams are more productive, have lower levels of absenteeism and staff turnover, and contribute to their company’s good reputation. They can also help to improve product quality and customer service.

Yet, so many companies fail to harness the power of motivation. In fact, employee motivation levels in the UK are declining. The ‘Living to Work’, report published in late 2018, showed that the level of employees reporting that they weren’t feeling motivated at work rose from 18% in 2016 to 29% in 2017.

So what can businesses do to turn this around and start enjoying the wide-ranging benefits of staff who are passionate about what they do?

How to Enhance Employee Motivation

There are numerous ways to increase employee motivation. Some of these have a cost attached, but others don’t, meaning that even companies on tight budgets can work to ensure that their people feel driven to deliver the best possible results at work.

Being clear around expectations and providing feedback in a positive and appropriate manner are things that every company can achieve. Employees who know where they stand, and who are supported by a culture that values their contribution, have the ideal structure in place to excel. Clear expectations can be cascaded down from the top of a company to teams at all levels through a well-implemented system of targets, with regular reviews. Back this up with a robust performance appraisal system and you have a winning combination.

Recognition and Rewards

Key to motivating staff teams is a culture that recognises and rewards positive contributions to company goals. Public praise can go a long way, so should form an integral part of employee recognition and reward strategy. There’s also plenty of scope for imagination when it comes to employee rewards.

Rewards come in all shapes and sizes. Two of the most common are gifts and activities. In recent years, there has been a rise in companies providing employee treats, from free coffees to cinema tickets.

When it comes to events, the only limit is the company’s imagination. Meals and nights out can be fun, but there are many more creative activities. How about a competitive online bingo night where staff play bingo for real money and have the chance to earn prizes that the company has organised? Or a staff awards night complete with red carpet, canapes, and cocktails? Or an outdoor activity challenge?

Whatever the event (or gift), what’s important is that it makes staff feel valued and appreciated. It can also serve to make teams work more closely together and to bond, thus enhancing overall morale.

By making employee motivation one of their main areas of focus, businesses have the scope to set themselves apart from the competition and truly excel. With an empowered, motivated staff team, everything else can fall naturally into place and no challenge will be too great to overcome!