The Latest Tech Developments To Enhance Your Business In 2022

Just 42% of businesses claim to have been prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic since they already had digitisation plans in place, and this foresight paid off since there are more online and cashless transactions that are taking place worldwide. Business owners must be ready to embrace the latest technologies, and in order to do that, it’s important to begin by researching the trends and adopting them early. Put your digitisation strategy in place today to protect your business going into the future. Here are the three latest tech developments that all businesses need to have in 2022 and beyond.

Digital Assistants

The rise of the virtual worker is expected to happen in 2022. Already, chatbots are common in customer service and are able to completely handle 68.9% of conversations. This leaves only a small number of issues that need to be forwarded to a human being. However, it’s not only customers that should be dealing with AI. This year, businesses can invest in digital assistants, which can communicate with employees through writing and speech. They can carry out the administrative tasks of personal assistants, while PAs can focus on other tasks that require decision-making or a personalized approach. CEOs will be more productive when aided by digital assistants, and employees will be able to raise issues and expect a response instantly.

Technology Transformation Solutions

If your business is in need of the right tech, tools, and software to better adapt to your customers’ needs, consider hiring professionals to have technology transformation solutions installed in your workplace. Some of the must-haves include data management and recovery, since there has been a rise in data breaches and ransomware in recent years. According to recent data, about 73 percent of UK businesses had to deal with phishing-related data breaches in 2021, which is why businesses need to deploy various defenses to stop cyber criminals in their tracks.

Augmented Reality

By 2023, 91% of the population will class themselves as online shoppers. While this is undoubtedly the most affordable and convenient solution, it comes with a few drawbacks. For shoppers, there’s a risk that the item doesn’t match the description. For sellers, it can be hard to highlight the benefits of a product without being able to physically demonstrate its use. Solve both of these problems with augmented reality. With it, you can enable shoppers to see what a dress will look like while they’re wearing it. It can also give buyers an idea of what a new gadget or piece of furniture looks like in their home. Augmented reality is the closest thing we have in the digital world to ‘try before you buy’. Businesses that invest in this are bound to see better sales figures.

When it comes to business growth in the 21st Century, the winners are those who invest in the latest tech. In 2022, there are three bits of tech that stand out above all else: digital assistants, data management and recovery solutions, and augmented reality. Companies should work on digitising in these areas now as a way to adapt to the new normal of professional life. Keep a close eye on tech trends and try to stay ahead of the pack. Doing this will ensure stable and sustainable growth that doesn’t lose sight of your goals. It’s a win-win for all involved.

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