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The Easiest Way To Form A Company In Dubai?

This is the best time to form a company in Dubai. This statement holds true for Dubai at any point in time. But the signs are becoming even brighter with every passing day. Announcements are made on ambitious projects in various arenas almost every week. Furthermore, the economic growth rate of UAE is remarkably higher in comparison to other parts of Saudi Arabia.

Dubai is relatively an attractive place for business, and the process of starting a company is fast and simple with lucrative incentives. Take note that this is one of the most sought after places to the entrepreneurs to establish or expand their business ventures since it is a free zone. Free zones are popular to the foreign entrepreneurs as they are offered 0% personal and corporate tax, 100% ownership of the company, complete exemption from import and export tax. Even no currency restrictions are imposed on them.

If you feel tempted to be a part of this emerging economy by forming a company in Dubai, you must be aware of the entire procedure. Sites like setup-dubai-company.com will explain to you everything in the context of consulting or services you would be required, import-export activities, partnerships, license, shareholder, capital and many more. This Dubai based firm has been working successfully in the creation of companies in Dubai since 2009. The company accompanies you with the updated rules and regulations for forming a business in Dubai. They have an excellent team with highly experienced professionals at the senior positions to help you out and resolve any issues as early as possible.

A Step By Step Guide for Creating a Company in the UAE Free Zone

In the beginning, you might get puzzled with the technical, administrative, financial aspects for the company formation. This simple guide on forming a company in Dubai will make your task easier. The process is straightforward and budget-friendly.

Selection of business activity

The nature of your business is vital in determining the certain free zones of the city. There are specific free zones for transport, finance, medical, media as the motto is to keep similar domains in close proximity. This is extremely useful to set up industry-specific rules and associated restrictions in that zone.

Although the final decision will be taken at some later stages, the systematic approach right from the beginning will eliminate a significant number of issues early on. Take note that it is possible to have multiple businesses under one trade license.

Selection of the company name

You must know the fact that the UAE has some naming conventions and you have to decide the name which satisfies the conventions. No offensive language or name is allowed. You cannot use any word that indicates a certain religion or political party. Using the name of any defame word like Mafia or Don. You will get an elaborate rule from our business experts while deciding the name of your organization.


Before proceeding with the documentation with government officials, you must finish the first two steps. You may need to produce additional documents besides the essential ones.

After your application is processed, you will obtain the company license.

Bank Account

After all the paperwork gets done, you need to open a corporate bank account. It’s better to seek assistance from the business experts to choose the most suitable option.

Visa processing

This is the final step. You have to submit the exact number of visas, including staff and family members. This will be based on your chosen free zone. Also, you and any other sponsors must meet the visa criteria. Our experts will guide you.