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The 6 Best Mobile Phones for Work and Business

Companies and entrepreneurs always want phones that are more powerful than the average handset. Do you want to buy a new work smartphone? The following mobile phones stand out in the workplace and will get you through the day entirely, offering great communication features and various security enhancements ideal for business enterprises.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series

The S pen is the main reason which makes Note 10 an ideal business phone; you can easily take notes, change slides during presentations, and sign documents. The phone also features an expansive screen that allows you to scan through documents, social media, and spreadsheets quickly.

It is an absolute powerhouse with a large 4300MAh battery, 855 Snapdragon Processor, and 12GB RAM. It also has a Samsung knot platform that protects your documents against malicious threats. If your business operates some sensitive files, the phone provides a secure folder where you can store the raw data in encrypted spaces. Additionally, you can opt for mobile phone insurance to further protect your phone business operations.

Google Pixel 4

Google finally succeeded in making the latest device, which is ideal for work and business. It has a highly compact design and motion-sensing feature. Soli enables it to sense small motions around the phone and detects when you are nearby, the face unlock feature allows it to recognize your face once you pick it up.

You can easily access essential android tools and receive recent app updates that are necessary for work. Also, you will enjoy top security protection directly from Google. It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor, 6GB RAM, and up to 128 GB storing space, enough to hold large files.

One plus 7 pro

It is a reliable smartphone option that you can use for work and is slowly creeping into the market due to its high affordability. It has a fantastic display, and the Warp charge technology makes it a fast-charging device. It also holds some great software features; the App locker secures your sensitive applications from unauthorized reach.

If you are an entrepreneur worried about privacy, this phone option offers a pop-up selfie camera that is well hidden when not in use. It has a high 4000mAh battery capacity, 855 Snapdragon processor, 12GB RAM, and up to 256GB storage space.

Blackberry key2 Series

If you are still into keypad phones, then this is your best option, with a lighter and thinner design, making it easily portable. The keyboard has extra features that allow you to swipe and scroll through various apps and programs and supports up to 52 shortcuts.

It is one of the most secure smartphones in the market, with an improved integrated fingerprint sensor and a file vault that requires authentification to access. As an entrepreneur, you need long-lasting batteries, and the blackberry Key2 doesn’t disappoint in this. The 3500mAh battery capacity and the Snapdragon 660 processor allow you to charge less and do more work throughout the day.

iPhone XS

iPhones are well designed, powerful, and extremely easy to use. The best reason why you need to get iPhone Xs for business operation is Apple’s iOS software, which is the best mobile operating system. It allows smooth multitasking for a business operator; you can swiftly switch between email clients, office apps, and other business or work-related applications.

It is also very compatible with Mac devices, which make it easier to sync notes, calendars, and additional information to your MacBook or iPad. The screen is also sizeable, making it easier to travel with, and it also has a decent battery life. It has one of the most powerful smartphone cameras, where you can shoot up to 60 frames per second and take professional-grade pictures. Generally, the phone has a vastly redefined processor, a better camera, an A2 Bionic chip, which is super-fast, and its performance will give you a run for your money.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you want the very bests to work smartphone, then go for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which has fantastic specs to die for. It offers multiple security options; you can set it up to unlock through iris scanning, fingerprints, facial recognition, pin, or Google smart lock. You can also enjoy Samsung pay in various retail locations supported by the technology, which allows you to replace credit or debit cards.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a fast and wireless charging feature? The phone has adopted this technology to improve your operational comfort. You can use it in Dex mode, this is impressive for business operators, and it replicates a desktop environment to replace your PC. It also has a massive 4,000mAh battery life, and up to 1TB storage space to conveniently store large files. Additionally, it has got an extra micro-SD slot supporting 512 GB cards.


When choosing a work phone, you must select one that is worth your money, ensuring that all the specs match up to its price. Business phones must be smart and reliable to enable smooth use of official-related apps.