Six ways to grow your coaching business using webinars

A lot of coaches and consultants rely too much on content marketing and social media to generate leads and communicate with their audiences. They spend countless hours writing informational articles, e-books, creating YouTube videos, etc.

While these are all plausible strategies, they come with glaring weaknesses. For example, Google has been changing its algorithms a lot lately which means there’s no longer a surety that your content will perform well on search results.

So are there better alternatives that coaches can use to generate quality leads for their businesses? Absolutely! By hosting webinars!

In this quick guide, we take a look at six proven ways to grow your coaching business using webinars.

Identify your audience’s pain points

You first want to understand your audience in and out. Ask both your prospective and existing clients about their desires, frustrations, and challenges. You can also leverage social media channels like Facebook by posting questions on your page and studying the comments.

The next step is to identify how these challenges impact your clients’ daily operations. Based on this, choose a few webinar topics that offer solutions to these issues.

Present a new idea

The next stage is to introduce your big idea. For example, if you’ve chosen to present a webinar promoting your e-commerce training program, the big idea would be ‘you don’t have to spend tons of money to sell your product online.’

But it doesn’t stop there; back your idea with 3-5 “secrets” that support the idea with solid proof. In this case, you’d say that instead of spending thousands on paid ads, you can use strategies like social media or email marketing.

Tease your solution

Here, you want to present a blueprint or process to steer your clients in the right direction. But be careful not to share it at one-go as it may cause a lack of interest and reduced attention. Instead, tease the solution by offering just a sneak peak of it.

You also want to avoid making the webinar sound like a sales pitch. Make the audience understand that developing a new way of thinking bridges the gap between their current situation and where they want to get to.

Address concerns

The most effective way to do this is by eliminating options and expressing that your solution is better than what they might be considering. Show them case studies and testimonials of clients who tried things their way and failed but turned things around by following your guidance.

You might also want to address possible limited beliefs, objections, or skepticism at this stage. Say something like, “You may be wondering whether this will work for you…” then go ahead and reassure them that it works. Your honesty will help build trust among your clients.

Ask the attendees to take action

At the end of your presentation, ask the viewers to take action by booking a call or scheduling a meeting with you for a more personalized discussion.

This is where you also get to select ideal clients while weeding out those looking for free services. Provide an application form for booking a call. Ask how committed they are on a scale of 1-10. The idea is to find out if they are willing to invest in your solution.

Keep it simple

Can’t afford high-end webinar software, a sound studio, or other cool equipment? No problem! Just go for a modest KeyNote or PowerPoint presentation because what matters the most is the message. You also want to keep it exceptionally simple, that is, one key idea per slide and with minimal text.

You don’t even need to be on camera if you’re not comfortable just yet. All you need is a microphone for audio transmission and a simple platform like Vimeo to host your recordings.

You might also need tools such as Unbounce or ClickFunnels to create a squeeze page for collecting emails.


Growing your coaching business with webinars is all about identifying your clients’ challenges, introducing new ideas, teasing a solution, addressing concerns, and asking viewers to take action.

Implement these steps in your webinar sessions today for increased leads and revenue. Have any questions or feedback for us? We’re happy to engage in the comments below.

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