Signs That You Need A New Boiler

Boilers almost seem like part of a home’s bones. Because they can last 10-15 years, the prospect of needing a new one might seem alien at first, too.

However, it’s best to keep checking your boiler before winter arrives on the 21st of December. Boilers can become faulty, especially as they age, and getting ahead of any issues is critical. Of course, the colder weather appears long before winter officially commences, but it’s essential to be prepared for the worst should things get any chillier than they are in Autumn time.

A faulty boiler can cause further problems in your home and tally up expenses considerably. They can’t always be repaired and fixed, either, so there will be a time where your boiler needs to be outright repaired.

There are a few things you need to look out for here. Keep reading for some of the signs that indicate that you need a new boiler.

A Strange Smell

Before you inspect your boiler more closely, you may have an indicator that things have gone awry just by using your nose. If you detect a bad odour, trust your instincts.

It may be worth getting a second opinion from someone you’re living with or a visitor. Are they smelling the same thing as you? Do they likewise think the odour is coming from the boiler? Their opinions might seem somewhat trivial, but some extra assurances may convince you that you need to act.

Parts of the boiler may have overheated, so it’s not always the case that you need a new unit entirely. However, in some instances, that course of action is possible, so it’s best to consult a qualified engineer to see if that’s the case.

Rising Bills

Rising bills might go unnoticed on occasion. Therefore, it’s important to budget and audit your household spending. That way, you can gain more insights into your boiler usage and expenses.

Older boilers can start to break down, waste energy, and ultimately tally up higher energy bills. These are widely referred to as inefficient boilers and must be replaced at the earliest opportunity. If you’re not paying attention here, you could throw away extortionate amounts of money over time without even realising it.

Remember that energy prices are set to rise for everyone. Additionally, those with gas boilers will also face additional levies in time, so keeping costs down here is imperative. Track your bills, and if energy costs are rising, it might be a sign that your boiler has had its day.

Recurring Leaks

Sometimes, issues with your boiler can be recurring. Problems such as leaks can be more frequent than you might expect.

For example, some people believe their leakages to be fixed only to have them flood their homes again later on. Why risk it? If there have been leaks and floods in the past, replace your boiler outrightly. That way, you’ll at least have peace of mind as you move forward.

Keep in mind that there’s only so much maintenance crew and engineers can do, as well. They can’t wave a magic wand and fix everything, especially if your boiler is incredibly old. Try not to be resistant to change, especially if your faulty boiler is causing widespread damage to your home. The cost of replacing it will be much cheaper than continuously fixing flood damage.

Found a Better Boiler

Boilers aren’t all the same. Some can be more energy-efficient, more reliable, and have options for renewable energy usage.

Thanks to Boiler Central, you can find the best Combi Boiler guide here, so take your time reading through their insights to see what’s possible. They intricately review different units, forecast their costs, and go into great detail with warranties, features, and whether they are recommended by Which?. After learning their impressions, it’d be understandable to wish for a brand-new, high-quality boiler.

Some of the features here can enhance your boiler experiences considerably. Instant hot water, free filters and system cleanses, and wireless heating controls are available with some of the units Boiler Central has listed. Endless advice is also provided around management and maintenance. Additionally, knowing that warranties can last 10 years or more can provide you with comforting assurances.

Disturbing Noises

Most boilers should be silent in their functioning. At most, you may hear a soft thrum when up close with your unit, but anything more than that is cause for suspicion.

A qualified professional may be able to fix this issue without replacing the boiler. However, any dramatically loud sounds can indicate more significant problems and be a precursor to needing a replacement altogether.

You might be willing to put up with bothersome boiler noises if you’d rather not spend money on a new boiler. However, sounds like these could disruptive your sleeping pattern. Not only this, but you should consider those you live with too. Do family members work from home? Will your kids need to concentrate on their homework occasionally?  A noisy boiler can cause more stress than it’s worth in these circumstances.

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