Should You Use A Website Builder To Make Your New Website: 7 Things To Know

The year is 2022 and having a website is an absolute necessity whether you are a small business or an individual looking to have a strong web presence.

A lot of small businesses and professionals feel that having a massive social media following is the reason for them not to have a website.

Big mistake!

There are tons of limitations as far as social media is concerned. To begin with, all social media mistakes begin to look alike. Plus, there is the issue of algorithm changes that are a real headache.

A website opens a lot of doors as far as professional opportunities and establishing your credibility are concerned. Before we think about building a new website, we tend to ponder over one other question- is it worth it?

In this resource article, we are going to discuss a topic that is currently dominating the digital ecosystem- the use of website builders!

If you are looking at how to create a website for your small business, start-up, or, personal branding, this article is perfect for you.

Website Builders Versus Web Design and Development Agencies: Which one’s better?

If you have been in the industry long enough, you would have had your fair share of experiences with-

  • Know-it-all designers and developers
  • Consistently missed timelines and deadlines
  • Overshooting costs and hidden expenditures
  • Zero help and support post website delivery
  • Loss of mental peace and unnecessary harassment.

Almost every other resource on a topic like ‘building a website’ will tell you that if you want the best, you should work with a professional web design and development agency.

To be honest, you kind of needed them in an age where all websites required coding, CSS, HTML, PHP, etc. In 2022, that is not the case.

You don’t need to know about coding and how things work in the background if you are looking to make a website. This is where the best Website Builders like Zyro come in.

They have made it increasingly easy for individuals with zero coding experience to create fully functional and high-performing websites.

What do Website Builders give you that web design and development agencies don’t?

  1. Creative freedom
  2. Affordability
  3. Fast launch
  4. Technical integrations
  5. Cool templates
  6. Mental Peace
  7. Personal touch
  8. Responsiveness
  9. Integrated Hosting
  10. SEO optimizations

This means that whatever you would normally expect from a web design and development agency is available to you on your own terms and at a fraction of the costs.

List of 7 Things You Should Know about Using a Website Builder

Easy to use, learn and manage than other CMS platforms-

A lot of experts say that WordPress is an easy CMS to manage. However, if you lack basic to advanced SEO knowledge and some coding skills, WordPress can prove to be a tough beast to tame. With website builders, you get a CMS that is easy for everyone to work on. You can manage all your content, learn about improvements and get the best results from this.

Hosting does not require you to run to providers and follow instructions-

One of the first things everyone says when building a new website is to choose the right web hosting service provider. For people that do not have knowledge of differentiating between dedicated, shared, and managed hosting, this can be a major issue. Website builders like Zyro throw in integrated web hosting, making it easier for you to not consider this as a problem.

Excellent customer support allows you to overcome issues-

While the chances of you running into any problems are one-in-a-million, you still have a 24×7 support team to pull you out of trouble. Imagine facing a problem with WordPress; you will have to go to Reddit Forums or Quora discussions, or even community pages to get a clear idea of what you should be doing. Support helps you deal with any unforeseen issues right away.

You are not burdened by hidden costs charged by plugins-

While the common and overarching belief is everything on WordPress is free and driven by the community, the reality is vastly different. Free plug-ins are the biggest security risks. The paid ones require you to cough up large sums of money and keep paying annual usage charges. This is a problem that website builders do not come with. You get what you see for free!

Inbuilt mobile responsiveness and optimizations are present-

You do not have to worry about search engines penalizing you if your WordPress website misses a few design sections or covers content if you are using a website builder. You get automatic optimization for browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. This ensures that you perform well on search engines and are able to attract the attention of your customers on the site.

You can create E-commerce sites as well on website builders-

Website builders have evolved from just platforms that could help you create a blog or two. They have tons of features and functionalities that can allow you to build a fully functioning and performing E-commerce website. Simple drag and drop functions ensure that you can do whatever you want to use the website builder. This is an effective way to get what you want.

You save a ton of money and time in the process-

Whether it is freelancers, start-ups, or big agencies, everyone is going to charge you a bomb for creating your website. With website builders, you have affordable template options that are less than one-tenth of the costs you would spend with agencies. More importantly, you get the website you want quickly. This enables you to launch your website in the market faster.

The Final Takeaway

Whether you are looking for unlimited storage, SSL certificates, or even hosting, a credible website builder like Zyro can help you out. If you are a creative professional like a photographer, dog trainer, or subject matter expert offering tuitions, using a website builder to get your online presence might be the best decision you will ever make. If you require our assistance to help you get started, let us know in the comments. We will be more than happy to help you out

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