Reasons Why IPVanish Netflix Is an Incredible Investment

IPVanish is an incredible VPN service. It has a great user interface and offers high connection speeds. So, you’re looking for a quick way to access Netflix, make this VPN your ultimate choice. With numerous servers located across the entire globe, IPVanish has got so much to offer. Keep reading to discover more!

Lightning-fast Speeds

Installing a VPN will automatically slow down your internet speeds. And this is mainly due to the additional distance that data has to travel. The best VPN device is one that slows down your connection the least. When testing the speed of a VPN, be sure to check its download and upload speeds, as well as its latency. IPVanish

Intuitive User Interface

IPVanish offers an easy-to-use interface. Installation is extremely simple and quick. The app clearly displays the available server list, your account details, and settings. Thus, you won’t have any trouble navigating their apps.

Zero-logs Policy

A log simply refers to a record that displays your online activity- the time, the sites you visited, as well as, the apps you activated. When this information gets into the wrong hands, it can be damaging. And that’s exactly why IPVanish offers a zero-logs policy. They don’t keep track of your online activities.  

Military-Grade Encryption

IPVanish utilizes an advanced encryption protocol- AES 256. With this VPN service, brute force attacks aren’t something to worry about. The AES 256-encryption protocol will always keep your personal data safe while also safeguarding your website against cybercrime.

Multiple Servers

A VPN that has numerous servers is always a better option. IPVanish has over 1,300 servers spread across 75 countries. IPVanish doesn’t have any virtual servers. So, you can always rely on it to get the utmost security and privacy.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

With IPVanish, it’s possible to unblock Netflix. But this is only possible if you choose to use the server in Chicago. You’re probably asking yourself why the servers located in high traffic areas like Canada and Netherlands won’t do that, right?

Well, this doesn’t mean that IPVanish’s Chicago-based server is the only one that can unblock Netflix. The VPN provider has over 1,000 servers located all over the world. So, if you’re patient enough to try out several options, you might get lucky. Bypass those restrictions. Try and stream your Netflix content like a pro.

Socket Security

Most VPNs provide users with the OpenVPN security protocol. Of course, this protocol works pretty well, especially when it comes to speed and security. However, you’ll first need to download OpenVPN directly before you can obtain the security certificate.

To avoid this tedious process, IPVanish offers Socket Security instead. This feature is often inbuilt into the VPN. Thus, you won’t need to perform any additional downloads to access your VPN services.

The Bottom-Line

IPVanish is a reputable VPN service provider. It boasts with over 1,300 servers located in seventy-five different countries. Plus, it uses a top-notch encryption protocol and offers lightning-fast speeds. Other features include a zero-logs policy and socket security (SOCKS).  With all these, there’s nothing you can’t do on the internet. 

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