Moving for Work? How to Get Settled Fast

There are so many reasons to move to work. In some cases, it will be a short-term relocation. In others, you will need to entirely uproot your life. Just because the move makes sense for your career does not mean it’s not hard on your personal life. In order to make the most out of the opportunity and to really settle in (and fast), you’ll want to use these top tips to help:

Read Guides Online Before You Move

Having a cursory understanding of the area, what there is to do, and what the best places are to live is a good way to get started. You don’t want to move and find a rental property as soon as you can, only to realize in a few weeks that you have chosen the worst spot – and are now stuck in a 1-year contract.

Try to Visit Before You Move

Even better than reading up beforehand is to visit before you make the move. Spend a weekend and explore the area as much as you can on foot – particularly the areas near your new workplace. If you are moving to a big city, then those guides are going to be important, but if you move to a town or a village, then you can often get a good feel for the area on foot alone.

Tips for Finding the Right Place

The big challenge with moving for work, especially if it is for a new job and not a relocation, is that high street lenders are extremely wary of providing loans to those with anything less than two years at their current employer. This applies even to new GPs. You can be running a practice and yet still be denied.When it comes to getting a mortgage, you will want to get started as soon as possible and work with a mortgage advisor. There are specialists to consider as well. If you are a GP, for example, then you can get advice from Doctors Mortgages Online to help you get a mortgage for GP that suits you and helps you get into your own home sooner.

If you do need to rent, negotiate for an early release clause to be included in your contract. This way, you can give one or two months’ notice and move out at any time (usually after a set period, like six months). This gives you flexibility while you familiarise yourself with the area and get the ball rolling with your mortgage.

Join Clubs, Classes, and More

When it comes to meeting people and making friends, an obvious place to start is your own workplace, but that should never be where you stop. Take classes and workshops, join clubs, and attend local events. By engaging with things that you love, you can find others with similar interests that you can befriend. Being active like this can really help you get out there and meet new friends and find a new community of people in your new hometown.

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