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Mobile Phone Insurance vs AppleCare+: What’s the Better Buy

The iPhone 12 has been a long-awaited advancement for tech lovers across the globe with many itching to get their hand on Apple’s newest device. Yet, as is with every purchase, many of us will be slightly apprehensive when considering the upfront, ongoing and long-term costs associated with the new device and that’s entirely natural!

As our mobile devices become more and more expensive with every passing year, it’s not difficult to understand that consumers want to ensure their purchase is safe from harm in the long-run and that they’re not wasting their money. A major element of this dilemma is the insurance options available to them. We want to feel secure when using our devices – knowing that we have comprehensive cover at an affordable price.

However, with Apple now offering an AppleCare+ upgrade option for all iPhone users purchasing a new device, the debate is no longer clear cut. Individuals will need to accurately compare the protections available through the AppleCare+ scheme in comparison to phone insurance policies delivered by third-party providers!

Of course, we know it can be difficult knowing where to start, which is why we’ve pieced together a complete comparison for you! Take a look.

What is it?

To understand the differences between third-party insurance policies and Apple’s own cover scheme, we of course need to understand the details. AppleCare+ is extended manufacturer warranty provided by the brand for a number of their products. Users will need to choose this care within 60 days of their device’s purchase and will last for a period of 2 years – meaning your device is covered for the length of its contract!

However, whilst it provides a number of benefits – such as tailored repair channels, 24/7 customer service lines and other direct support options – it differs from a usual phone insurance policy. Specifically, in the level of cover offered.

What is covered?

As previously stated, AppleCare+ is essentially a manufacturer warranty that lasts for an extended period. Therefore, repair and replacement services are provided when facing damage or fault due to manufacturer faults – such as your device won’t charge despite no accidental damage occurring. In which case, you’ll be able to make a claim through the scheme with no trouble.

Accidental damage is a different story, however. Whilst your warranty will allow for such damage, it will only do so for two incidents over the course of your contract. This may not seem like a big consideration, but if you find yourself prone to slips, falls or accidents you could face less protection in the later stages of your contract – meaning any additional damage will cost you. That being said, Apple’s cover does have the advantage of excellent software repair solutions – something that might not be the case when using regular insurers.

Alternatively, a mobile phone insurer will often offer more protection than Apple’s scheme. With a high-quality, comprehensive policy you’ll be protected against accidental damage – including liquid and screen damage – time and time again, as well as theft and loss. So, if you find yourself accidentally parting with your possessions more than you’d like, then AppleCare+ may not be the answer for you!

A final consideration for cover is the costs you could incur if your phone is used following a theft or loss. While many phone insurance policies will account for this unauthorised use and cover the cost of any texts, calls or data usage, AppleCare+ will not.

What does it cost?

As is with everything, cost is a major element of our decision. With AppleCare+, you’ll be facing costs up to £200 pounds for the protections to last the 2-year contract period – depending on the device in question. For example, taking the standard iPhone 12 into account, you’ll be paying £149 for the AppleCare+ scheme. In addition to that initial cost, you’ll also be committed to a £25 excess fee for screen damage and £79 fee for all other types of damage.

In contrast, with a comprehensive phone insurance policy, you’ll be able to protect the same device for an annual cost of £96. Similarly to AppleCare+, your insurance cost will change according to the device in question. These policies will often have their own set excess fees for any repairs or replacement costs – so you’ll need to read into the fine print before making a final decision!

There is no right answer when it comes to choosing a protection plan for your device. In fact, it all comes down to what matters most to you: price or protection.

What is immediately evident, is that whilst AppleCare+ has several benefits, it may not be able to provide the level of cover you’ll need for the entirety of your contract period. So, whilst the annual cost of a third-party plan may be slightly higher, you could find yourself thankful in the long run!