Innovative New Media in the Beverage Industry

The concept of consumer marketing has become extremely challenging in the last few years. Thanks to over saturation of advertising messages, users are becoming disillusioned to the very concept of being sold something.

That’s why companies in all sectors are trying to come up with innovative new methods to deliver marketing messages to consumers in more natural ways.

One company – has found an entirely new and surprising way to do just that. They call it Beverage Top Media (or  Bev-Top Media in short), and as the name may suggest, it involves turning beverage tops into a whole new media platform.

The Naked Drink Gap Turned into a Marketing Opportunity

When you get handed a beverage in a bar, a cafe, or a restaurant, whether it’s coffee, a beer or even a cocktail, you take a moment to look at your drink. For just a few seconds your drink has your full and undivided attention.

This small window of time might be a great opportunity to connect with the consumer, but the vast majority of businesses ignore this moment and fail to utilize it. Drink Ripples refer to this untapped opportunity for communication with the customer as the naked drink gap. They offer an innovative solution that can help businesses take advantage of it.

What Is Beverage-Top Media?

Drink Ripples invented an innovative beverage printer – the Ripple Maker.  The Ripple Maker can print any kind of image or writing onto any foam-based drink. This could include coffees, beers, fancy cocktails, or anything else that comes with that little head of foam.

Businesses can now use the Ripple Maker to print any high-resolution image or message they decide to include on their beverage. By using the Ripple Maker businesses can actually add value to the beverages they serve.

Going back to the naked drink gap – businesses can now fill this gap by delivering marketing messages or any other message or image to their customers at the very moment that they look at their beverage with anticipation.

The Ripple Maker also includes an app for end consumers that lets them co-create their bev-top designs and drink experience. By using the app, custom images and designs can be created as a background layer, with branded ‘Drink Frames’ on top to ensure that even user-generated drink content increases brand visibility and makes their customers more engaged with the brand as a whole.

Another advantage of bev-top media is that it actually motivates customers to share on social media and messaging apps. People love sharing out of the ordinary images of their food and beverages, and a beverage with something printed on it is anything but ordinary, so not only does the customer sees the message that is printed on the beverage, he also shares it on social media where all his friends and followers can see it too.

So here it is – an inexpensive, scalable,  appealing way to deliver marketing messages, that will not annoy any customer but will make them ask for more.

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