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How to Use LinkedIn For Lead Generation?

If you are running your own business and you are not using LinkedIn, then you could be seriously falling behind. The professional social network is a fantastic way to see what other people in your industry are getting up to, and it is an excellent way to generate leads. If you have a strong profile and the right people can find you, then much of this is passive. People will find you and approach you for work – how fantastic!

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First things first, you are never going to generate leads on LinkedIn if you have a weak profile. I see this all the time – people put a lot of time in but miss critical things that could be resulting in leads. It is important to have in mind what your customers could be searching for and make sure that your profile contains search terms that will allow you to be found.

  • Have a welcoming profile image of your face. People want to feel that they know who they are doing business with. If you do not have a profile image, most people will not look at your profile. You can also input a banner image to make your profile stand out, something that represents your business.
  • Tell people what you do in your tagline! This is so important, and so many people fail to do this. It is insufficient just to have ‘director of (business name)’ if your business name does not indicate what you do. When people are looking for you, they will only see your tagline until they click through to your profile. Let people know in a few words what you do.
  • Create an ‘about me’ that helps people to feel like they know a bit about you, boast your achievements, and include keywords. You can do this by listing your services.
  • Fill in all the sections and make your profile a star profile; this gives it strength.
  • Utilize all 1000 skills.
  • Where you can include links to your work, do so.
  • Ask for recommendations.
  • Link to other people in your sector.
  • Join relevant groups.

Check out this blog article from LinkedIn for more help setting up your profile.

Now you have a kick-ass profile. You need to be active on it. Like, share and comment on people’s activity, share relevant blog articles, and start conversations. Remember, this is a professional platform; there is a balance to be found between letting people feel like they know you and staying professional. You can also write your own blog articles for LinkedIn.

If you get this right, leads should start coming in on their own. However, you can also target people yourself. Find people you want to do business with, connect with them, and start interacting with their content. When you’re ready, send them a message and make it personal. Everyone hates copy and paste messages, and it is obvious when people do it.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool with lots of potential. You will get out of it what you put in. You can also choose to pay for sponsored content, to find out more click here.