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3 Ways to Boost Digital Marketing Conversions

In digital marketing, conversions are king. We all have our own definition of what a conversion is but we are going to user the definition that a user has decided to give you their time or money. Whether that is through signing up to an email list or buying your product. Conversions are a great way of tracking the success of a digital marketing campaign.

Many use mailchimp google contacts integration to ensure their digital marketing campaign data is consistent, this helps digital marketers work towards better optimising content to convert. Therefore, today we are going to talk about 3 ways to boost digital marketing conversions.

Working with Influencers

A well-placed product from an influencer can massively increase digital marketing conversions. Especially those that have loyal fanbases that trust their opinion on the topic. This is why, many people use tech tips YouTube channels to promote a digital product for instance. It depends on your product you are promoting and your audience, but you must keep in mind that the right partnership is critical.

When working with an influencer you want to make sure you are dealing with a professional who understands their audience and brand. If you talk to your influencer and they cannot provide clear deliverables for your brand you are marketing that look elsewhere. Working with that kind of talent could lead to unprofessional associations with your brand that could end up in a PR nightmare.

Email Marketing

Nothing says personal like email marketing. Email marketing has made massive strides in conversion rates across a massive range of industries as of late. Many believe this is because email marketing is better at targeting users emotionally. Emails always feel personal because they are sent to you. This why if you work with an influencer correctly like we previously mentioned, you will hopefully see a positive uptake in your newsletters and other digital promotional material.

This can lead to increased familiarity with your brand’s identity. This is important because no other medium can provide such a personalized experience, at the moment. Learning industry standards for email marketing can help you get your footing with techniques but those who stand out are those who intelligently break those rules. Understanding how and why your customer would open your email can help you to break those rules in your favour.

Riding Trends

This rule breaking approach can be useful when applied to current social trends. Making smart PR moves to appeal to large groups of people is generally going to improve your public perception. This will make audiences more inclined to convert on your marketing material because they are seen a bit of the character of your business. They have learned more about what your business stands for in topical discussions which can help demographics synergise with your company’s core messaging.

This will likely lead to better conversions. Just make sure you have your targeting right on the money, and you will be able to bring your brand into the public discourse. This can backfire though so be careful when engaging with sensitive topics.

To conclude, keeping your approach to improving your conversions experimental will probably net the best results. It all depends on the brand you are working with, you might find that a brand that has a demographic of people in their 50’s probably will not convert so well when working with an influencer on YouTube. Understand your space and demographic and with smart decisions your conversions will improve.