How to Select the Right Contingent Staffing According to Your Goal

Each year, more companies decide to rely on contingent workforces. In fact, before the pandemic, more than a third American labor force was composed of contingent workers. What’s more, their number will likely grow even further in the future.

What’s more, with the pandemic still on the cards, working with on-demand staffing providers is probably the best way to keep your business afloat. That is, of course, if you know how to use a contingent workforce to your advantage.

When it comes to that, the first thing you need to think about is your goal. You have to ask yourself a question of why you should even consider hiring a contingent labor force. And what about your full-time employees and your company culture? And that’s just the beginning of your trouble.

If you want to learn how to pick the right contingent staffing and make it work the way you want, keep reading. You’ll find all the answers in the article below.

Consider Your Needs

Ask yourself a question of why and where you need reinforcements. You can’t just hire a random number of workers and expect that they’ll improve your operations. To prevent that from happening and ensure you get the quality you want, you need to run some tests.

Measure your company’s performance in specific departments, and see which one requires an extra workforce. Also, if you run a business that operates more intensively during particular seasons, make sure you give your workers the help they need to do their job efficiently.

Sometimes, the case may be that organizations require outside management to bring something new to the table. But as mentioned before, you have to decide what kind of contingency employees you need and what department you should place them.

According to experts from, it’s essential to estimate how much money you can spare for an extra workforce. The cost may vary depending on the provider, quality, and number, so make sure you get your numbers right.

Pick the Right-Size of Your Workforce

Once you determine where you need to put the extra talent and how much money you can spare for that, it’s time to pick your contingent workforce size. Once again, run a performance test, but this time use different numbers of workers for specific tasks.

It will help you determine how many contingent employees you should hire to make your company operate more efficiently. Sometimes, the case may be that you need a full staff replacement. And considering that hiring new full-time workers is costly, the great idea is to get a contingent team instead.

Again, it all depends on your actual needs. Nevertheless, considering the current economic situation, hiring a contingent workforce is a fantastic way to save yourself some money while allowing your business to work without any major disruptions.

Find Your Talent

Okay, you know where and how many contingent workers you need to improve your company. But do you know where to find them? Many organizations believe that all they have to do is place an ad and wait for people to apply.

And sure, it might work, but considering you probably don’t have an infinite time to get your operations going, it’s not one of the best practices. What’s more, doing that won’t ensure you hire the top-quality talent your business requires.

When it comes to hiring contingent workers efficiently, you have a few options you can choose from. First of all, you can contact companies that specify on-demand contingent staffing. Such organizations provide their clients with a wide variety of top specialists, ensuring you get the help you require.

Secondly, you can consider participating in a special talent program. Doing that will help you find young and talented workers you can hire in the short-term at first and see whether they show any promise for further cooperation.

You can also use a more traditional approach and use LinkedIn-like sites to find the talent you want. Still, your most effective options are the two given above, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Bottom Line

Bringing in a contingent workforce can significantly improve your operations if it’s done right. And considering that you probably encounter the same obstacles as any other company right now, it might be the perfect solution to help you stay afloat.

Of course, if you want to ensure your workers’ performance will improve, you need to know where and why you need the reinforcements. Once you answer these questions, you’ll be able to create an efficient workforce strategy.

Keep in mind, though, that bringing in extra contingent workers is not enough. You also have to ensure you get your management right. Incorporating every employee to your business has to be done quickly and effectively, so ensure you provide them with the appropriate tools.

Without proper management, even the top talent workers won’t give you the support to achieve your goals.

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