How to protect your money while shopping online

Shopping online has become the new frontier of retail and this has been prompted by the advancement in technology. These days, almost all retailers offer customers a form of online shipping experience, however, one big threat facing stores and customers are scammers and hackers who are looking for people to drop their guards online. There are many ways to protect your information and your money on the internet and if you are someone who loves online shopping or perhaps you want to start, this article will share tips on how you can protect your money while you shop online.

Use a shipping solution

One major obstacle faced with online shopping is the shipping costs. Before, shipping costs, especially if it is international, were ridiculously high. Thankfully, now we have shipping services such as MyUs that offer 80% off of all shipping costs. You can also ship in bulk which saves you plenty of money. If you’re looking for a faster way to send your packages internationally, MyUS has you covered. If you’re looking for a way to get your favorite items from US shops delivered to the UK, this company is the ideal solution because they are affordable. Generally, you would need to cough up more than $100 for shipping; however, with MyUs, you pay 80% less. Using this company saves you a ton of money on shipping.

Make sure the shop is secure

You have to take extra precautions when shopping online and one way to do this is to research a store before spending your money on their products. The internet is an open space that is full of information so you will not fall short when researching a particular store. The best form of research is to read reviews from other people who have had an experience with the store. This will give you a good assessment. Before buying a product, you should also read product reviews which should be on their website. If you shop at a store that isn’t secure, you risk being scammed. It’s a common occurrence for people to spend their money at an online store and when they receive their purchases, it looks nothing like the image on the website and the quality is very poor. In worse cases, people will spend money on these websites and not receive their orders at all.

Don’t use public WiFi

Always do your online shopping where there is a secure internet connection and avoid shopping online using public WiFi in places such as coffee shops or internet cafes. Internet in these types of locations is not secure at all and it is very easy for hackers to get in-between you and the connection point which puts your details at risk. You do not want to shop online with an unsecured network. Using private networks ensures that your credit card credentials are protected. To add extra security, shop online using a VPN.

Check your browser

Another thing you need to ensure is that your browser is in private mode and does auto-fill any forms. You need to ensure that you clear your browser cache because you do not want your credit card details stored on the internet and you also want to avoid being tracked. When you visit a website, your browser will store your information which includes your location so checking your browser and clearing your cache is vital to protect sensitive information that puts you at risk of scammers.

Enable 2- factor authentication

2- Factor authentication is an extra layer of security that you can add to any browser, account, or platform. Usually, when you log into something, you need to provide a password but with 2- Factor verification, you will be required to provide a password as well as a second form of verification which is usually in the form of a code that gets sent to your mobile number via text or via email. This is a brilliant way to add more security and generally when you enable 2 – factor verification, you make it more difficult for scammers and hackers to make you their next victim.

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