How to Appeal to Talented Candidates

A lot of time is spent by candidates trying to work out how to impress recruiters. A similar amount of time should be spent by employees understanding how to appeal to the best candidates. After all, as a business, you need the best talent in order to grow.

The question is, how exactly do you appeal to experienced, educated, and passionate people? The kind of people who lift your business are the kind of people that other companies will want to snatch up, after all. Don’t worry – it’s not just a matter of luck and reading subtle body language during interviews. To make sure whoever you hire brings plenty of talent to the table, here is how to appeal to the best.

Provide Lots of Development Opportunities

You must think about what exactly you can provide to new hires. If all you have to offer is a reasonably competitive salary and a desk near a window, many of the most talented candidates will likely find a better job elsewhere. What many ambitious people look for is the ability to develop within the company. A stagnant job is not appealing – one that provides plenty of training and chances to climb the ladder, however, is.

Start with showing them the courses you can offer staff. By offering courses like IOSH managing safely course and other general leadership courses, you show that your hires have the chance to become more skilled while in your employment. Be sure to talk about development opportunities within the company during interviews, too.

Offer a Good Salary

The most talented individuals look at the salary offered first. That is because their skills are usually worth more than the average wages offered – why should they earn an entry-level salary when they have over twenty years of experience and excellent qualifications? To attract the best, you must be willing to pay for them.

Remember to be transparent about the salary, too. When professionals are searching for new jobs, they don’t want to waste time asking multiple companies what their salary ranges are.

Build a Great Work Culture

Reputation is everything when it comes to appealing to excellent candidates. Companies that have a great work culture usually benefit from word of mouth. If a skilled professional hears that your company is good to work for, they may come to you before you even get the chance to go to them!

To build a great work culture, focus on maintaining a positive work environment, having strong values, and respecting every staff member. These sorts of changes will make the business shine to both customers and candidates alike.

View Interviews as a Two-Way Street

Lastly, don’t view interviews as just the chance to get to know the candidate on the other side of the desk. Instead, view it as a two-way street – you are trying to attract the candidate as much as they are trying to appeal to you. During an interview, it’s all about seeing whether you are the right fit for each other, after all.

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