Furniture Removal- Do’s and Don’ts

Moving out to a new home or just simply getting rid of old furniture should not be such a hard task. If you are looking for a stress-free smooth way to dispose of your furniture then there are things to follow to give you the seamless transition.

Getting rid of old furniture can be very frustrating especially if you are doing it by yourself. It is always recommended you contact a removal company. They have a team of professional movers and transporters that are highly qualified to handle the whole process of furniture removal.

If you are under the budget and are planning on doing it yourself then there are important aspects in furniture removal that must be observed. Always ensure that all your belongings are parked with proper handling and great care.

Here are some dos and don’ts of furniture removal which will help you move efficiently.


Have a list

Having a list of the furniture you want to remove can be helpful in ensuring that you can separate the things that you need from the things that you do not need. You will probably have all the items in your head but a list ensures that you do not accidentally give away an item you might need later.

Inspect the items

Before you remove any furniture make sure you do a quick inspection of the item to check for damages. If you spot furniture that requires special handling, mark it as fragile. This will help in knowing which items to handle carefully when moving and help prevent further damage.

Clean the furniture

You do not necessarily have to do deep cleaning. However, if you are trying to move or get rid of furniture the best practice would be to dust off or clean the furniture. If you are moving to a new home, you do not want to move in with furniture engulfed in thick layers of dust.

Measure the pieces of furniture

Knowing the dimension of the furniture is helpful when moving. Many people ignore the need to take measurements and end up damaging the furniture when moving. Measuring will help you know if your furniture will move safely through your doors at home and space it might occupy on a moving truck.

Wear comfortable clothes

It is important that when moving furniture you wear clothes that are comfortable and flexible. You should also have closed-toed shoes and avoid slippery shoes. This will prevent you from possibly tripping when handling the furniture. Ensure that you also have gloves to give you a firm grip when moving heavy furniture.

Cover your furniture

Protective blankets cover the surface of the furniture. They offer good protection due to their thick padding. You can use regular blankets if these are unavailable.  You can always hire the professionals from Junk Bunk for safe furniture removal.


Don’t pack damaged items

When moving, ensure that you have a list of the items you intend to leave behind. If you are moving to a new house there is no need to take damaged furniture items and end up storing them in the garage to occupy space and clutter the whole area. To avoid this mess leave the damaged items behind or safely dispose them of.

Do not leave your furniture unprotected

When dealing with furniture removal, you are not guaranteed the complete safety of your furniture. Accidents happen and all your furniture items must be properly wrapped. Extreme caution is necessary as it assures you that your furniture is safe.

Do not use packing tape or bubble wrap directly

Using packing tape and bubble wrap directly on your furniture might cause damage to the surface of the furniture. They tend to be sticky and trying to remove them can destroy the paint or leave an ugly trail of destruction on your furniture. Such items require that you first wrap them with a piece of paper then use the tape or wrap.

Do not be in a rush

Packing hurriedly is a call for disaster. Take your time and carefully arrange the items you want to remove. There is no point in rushing things only to end up disappointed that you missed a thing or two. Carefully plan and even note down the items you need and don’t If possible.

Don’t attempt to move large furniture

There is large furniture that requires that you partially disassemble them into pieces. This will make them lighter and smaller making them easier to move. Do not attempt to move these items without properly disassembling them as you risk potential damage to the furniture as well as injury to yourself.

Don’t slide heavy furniture along floors

If you want to avoid damage to floors then it is recommended that you place sliders underneath the heavy furniture. This will help smoothen the process and avoid damage to the floors.