7 SEO Hacks to Help You be on Top

As a content creator or a digital marketer, you are well aware of the importance of SEO optimization. Most SEO companies continually refine web pages to rank in the first few results of Google search. So what does SEO mean? 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a wide array of tactics that focuses on improving the ranking and position of your website on search engines. It is crucial to boost your business or content online. Several ways can help to optimize your website for SEO. However, it requires consistency and understanding of the different SEO tools.

 This is where SEO hacks come in handy to efficiently improve your content and optimize your website to rank higher. In today’s article, we will be looking at the seven most efficient SEO hacks that will help you to be on the Top – 

Select the Right Keyword

The most crucial SEO service that an SEO company can provide is to choose the right target keywords for your website. It is the number one step in building an SEO strategy. At every step of content creation, it is essential to focus on using high-ranking keywords relevant to your niche. 

Understand the searcher’s intent and try to create content with useful and helpful keywords. Usually, long-tailed keywords are easier to rank. Therefore, use keyword phrases that generate more traffic and eventually rank your content higher on search engines. 

There are several SEO services and tools that provide a keyword search option. Use these services to list down the highest-ranking keywords that you can use in your content. Additionally, you can also use the keyword search option to check what type of keywords are being used by your competitor’s website. 

Use SEO Optimized Images

Most people only focus on optimizing their content. However, optimizing images is equally important to improve SEO. Most of the SEO companies focus on creating captivating images for their brand that are SEO optimized. This helps them to rank higher and gain more traffic. 

One of the best ways to optimize images on your website is as follows – 

  • First, compress the image that you have selected for your post. This is because large files slow down the loading speed of the website page. Having this drawback leads to losing potential viewers because they do not wait for the page to load. If most of the users do not wait for the page to load, Google marks your site as irrelevant for search results.
  • Once your image has been compressed, use alt tags for the image. Alt tags are short, descriptive texts that you can attach to your image to make it SEO optimized. 

Create Evergreen Content 

Another useful SEO hack is to create evergreen content on your website. Such type of content remains fresh and relevant for the topic. Most SEO companies do not provide any SEO services for strategizing the content to make it evergreen and useful. However, this hack is a game-changer as it improves your positioning on Google search engines. 

Most reputed websites often look for high-quality content that they can link to their website. Having a website with useful and evergreen content on every web page will improve your chances to be recognized by these reputed sites. Moreover, it will increase the number of social shares as well. 

Optimize Metadata

Meta descriptions or Meta tags typically allow search engine crawlers to understand your web content. Moreover, it helps to convince the online searchers that your content is what they are looking for. Thereby, improving your credibility in your niche. Let’s get into the optimization process – 

  • Optimize your Meta tags (title tags) by limiting the title to 60-65 characters. This will show the full title in SERPs. Create a relevant but unique tag for each web page. Always use target keywords in the title tag. 
  • The second step is to optimize Meta descriptions. This piece provides users and search engines with a summary of the content. The best way to optimize Meta description is to focus on the uniqueness of the description. Limit your description to 150-160 characters. Lastly, use relevant high-performing keywords at the beginning of the description. 

Minimize the Loading Time of your Website 

Optimizing your website to reduce the loading time of web pages is crucial for a good user experience. Page speeds can significantly affect your SERP potential. Therefore, it is essential to minimize the loading speed of your website. 

Google Page Speed is an excellent SEO service that focuses on providing quickfix suggestions for improving the loading speed. Some of these quick-fixes include compressing images and addressing broken redirects. 

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a distributed network that uses servers all around the world. By using this service you can store your files and site on global servers. Global servers help speed up the loading time as your website becomes geographically closer to the user. 

On-page & Off-page SEO Analysis 

On-page Analysis 

On-page analysis helps to analyze whether the content on your website meets Google’s requirements or not. By doing so, you get an overview of the optimization potential of your website. Most SEO companies focus on on-page analysis to develop a strategic SEO plan for the client. You can take leverage of these SEO services to improve your ranking. 

You can also use Google Search Console. It is an effective tracking tool by Google that tracks your website’s performance. Moreover, it gives an overview of the keywords that your website is ranking for. Furthermore, Google Search Console alerts you to errors on your website.

By using these tools you can continually refine the content and optimize your website to rank higher on search engines. 

Off-page Analysis

The off-page analysis primarily helps in link building. It provides performance data of your domain authority, page authority, and the number of linking domains associated with your website. By using this data, you can build more trusted links that promote your content. It will help to improve your authority as a creator in your niche. The value of the link is always measured by its quality. 

Link building is not an easy job. Therefore, the best approach for you would be to find few high-quality inbound links from well-reputed domains.

Use High ranking Backlinks

One of the most effective hacks to rank higher on Google search is to use backlinks. Backlinks are typically the links of external websites that are incorporated into your content. Using a few high-quality backlinks for each content piece on your website. 

When you link your content with backlinks from a reputed site, Google recognizes it and ranks you higher in the search list. So how can you get access to high-quality backlinks? 

The best way is to reach out to any reputable third-party website in your niche. Find broken links in their existing content and recommend alternative links from your content to replace them. Some of the best SEO companies like Fully Digital  help by listing out the potential websites with high-quality backlinks. Moreover, they also provide a wide range of SEO services to rank higher on search engines. 


Working on SEO requires the utmost attention to detail and hard work. It is a very complex process. Therefore, SEO hacks are best to provide you a better idea of improving your ranking. Most SEO companies use effective SEO services to make this process easier. You can take leverage from these services to optimize your content. 

Focus on these hacks that help to optimize your content, image, keywords, Meta tags, and descriptions. Furthermore, focus on minimizing the loading time of your web page, and using high-quality backlinks. With a good SEO strategy, consistency and patience, your content will rank higher on search engines.