Five Features That Make Time Tracking Software A Must For Remote Employee Management

With the sudden shift to remote work due to the pandemic, business owners are struggling to cope up with the many challenges that have come with it. Along with adjusting to this new approach of working from home, they are trying to find innovative ways to keep their employees productive and ensure the overall efficiency of the company.

One such innovative method that is a must for every company managing remote employees is tracking time with the help of employee time tracking software. It helps in managing employee time by showing you how much time an employee spends on a particular task. 

Monitoring the time being spent by remote employees helps business owners schedule work more efficiently in order to gain higher work productivity. But is time tracking really that important? The following five features of a time tracking software justify why it is a must for remote employee management:

Accurate Timesheets

This is the most important feature of a time tracking software. It generates accurate timesheets automatically by real-time tracking of tasks being performed by remote employees. These timesheets reflect billable hours spent by an employee along with their time-offs and absent days.

Knowing how your employees are spending their time is essential to ensure how much time they will need to finish their current work and when they will be available for the next set of tasks. It also makes employees feel accountable for their work and utilize their time better.

Automatic invoicing

This feature of a time tracking software helps you bill clients accurately. By showing the number of billable hours spent on a project for a particular client, it generates accurate invoices automatically.

Since the process is automated, there is no room for errors which makes the entire process very transparent. Accurately billed projects without the need for manual calculations save a lot of valuable company time.

Integration with other apps

A time tracking software can easily be integrated with third party apps which allows effective monitoring of all aspects of a project. Integrating your time tracking software with online accounting softwares makes employee salary calculations also highly convenient.

This feature of a time tracking software provides better control over employee time management as well as the overall project timeline. For instance, AccountSight is a time tracking software which has calendars integrated with MS Outlook and accounting integrated with QuickBooks for invoice generation.

Mobile tracking app

For remote employees, a lack of stable internet connection can prevent them from logging in their exact billable hours. The mobile tracking feature of a time tracking software allows them to easily login from anywhere at any time.

This feature also ensures that whatever work employees do offline also gets recorded and saved in the timesheets. When the network is restored, the software syncs the timesheet and uploads the time tracking data on the server automatically.

User-friendly interface

This is a necessary feature, especially when your employees are working remotely and you want to ensure they don’t waste time understanding the app. Modern time tracking apps come with an easy-to-understand interface that employees can quickly get familiar with.

It works in the background without causing any distractions for your employees and collects information based on their activity. Additionally, the user-friendly interface of a time tracking software saves a lot of valuable work time for remote employees by showing them all the necessary information on the main page.


It’s safe to say that the myriad of benefits that an employee time tracking software offers are far more in comparison to the minimal cost you pay for the software. There are many free softwares available too that you can opt for. Depending on your business needs, you can easily pick one that aligns with and fulfills your needs.

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