Can You Make Money With Stash App?

Since its inception, The Stash Invest App has continuously attracted millions of internet banking users to its platform. Its simplicity and accessibility make it a go-to investment choice for novice investors who are not yet versed with stocks and Exchange Trading Funds’ (ETF’s) investments and are looking for an easy and simple way to invest future.

Despite being an investment App, Stash Invest App allows you to make money as well. Individuals using the Stash App for their investment needs get regular returns from their initial investment. The annual returns accruals are an excellent way of earning the extra money that they would not have otherwise made if the money was lying idle on their accounts.

Similarly, the Stash App allows you to monitor and track the performance of your investments in the market directly. The tool, therefore, enables you to make predictions on where to invest in and the ones to avoid. Investing in stocks that perform well on the market is a sure way of increasing your profits.

Through the use of a Stash Debit card, you can make extra money through Stock-Back. Every time you make a purchase using your Stash Debit Card, you get to qualify for bonuses or rewards. The rewards and bonuses collected can further be used to buy stocks or bonds from your favorite shops. The Stash Debit Card allows you to grow your investment portfolio. With Stash App, the more you invest, the higher the rates of return.

The Stash app not only allows you to buy investment products but also enables you to sell those investments you want to do away with for one reason or the other.

Like any other financial investment, Stash Invest has its risks as well. It might seem easy to invest in Stash, but it is essential to take advantage of the Stash Learn platform to familiarize yourself with the different available investment options on the App. You can also consult with an investment professional for expert opinion on appropriate investment options depending on your goal, account balance, or preference. Making an Informed financial investment decision will protect you from losses, funds misallocations, among many other risks.

Is Stash Ideal for Beginner Investors or Pro Investors?

Generally, Stash is a wonderful app with an intuitive interface that makes investing easy. The App brings the business of stockbrokers and Wall Street right to your fingertips. Although the account setup process may be pretty slow, needing a lot of time to get verified, everything is smooth once you have your account in place.

A pro investor with years of experience may find the App too simplistic, with not much to offer. Someone with experience in investing may also find the App to be having too few options. They may grow tired and bored.

However, for someone starting up their journey in investing, the App may be exciting and refreshing. The interface favors mobile phone users and being that it allows someone to start investing with as little as $5, it is ideal for beginner investors.

Signing up may get you three months of free usage, but you will have to risk some money to get started with investments.

Challenges of Stash Invest App

Depending on your personal financial and investment goals, depositing a small amount of money on your Stash Invest might not be enough to help you achieve your goals long-term, taking into account your annual fees.

Stash Invest App offers specific investment options. The App allows you to invest in stocks and Exchange Transfer Funds (ETF’s) only. The available options might be limiting for someone who has ambitious investment goals.

In Stash Invest App, the higher your account balance, the higher the subscription fees, which might prove expensive in the long run for retirement investments.

Unlike Acorn Invest, with Stash Invest, you make your own investment decisions. What the App offers is recommendations on suitable investment options depending on your need. However, only you get to decide which option is best for you.

Final Thoughts

With Stash, it is going to take money to make money. Stash is an investment app, which requires you to invest money for you to earn money. The good thing is that you can start with as low as $5. Once you learn how Stash works, you will be able to invest in the different options available. You can buy investment products and sell the ones you want to eliminate, giving you a higher chance to earn on your investments.

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