Body Armor: Your Comprehensive Guide

Don’t you simply feel sensational when you fancy some body armor? Do you imagine yourself donning some Kevlar? It feels as if you are the main protagonist in a crime show or an action movie. That sounds great and all, but body armor and equipment do more than improve your military swag. These items can save your life from imminent danger. From absorbing bullets to stopping knives, claws, and other threats, body armor can do it all. So let’s finish the introductions and get straight into the action.

So What Is Body Armor Exactly?

Body armor is a form of clothing you wear that protects you from physical attacks. Military personnel was some of the first recipients of body armor in history. However, that has long changed, especially in today’s modern world. Now, it’s not only the military who utilize such a crucial piece of clothing. Policemen, riot patrols, bomb disposal units, private security detail, and bodyguards all use different types of body armor.

The Many Types Of Body Armor

There is currently more than one primary type of body armor, each with its own unique function and set of perks. You must understand the varieties first before you do any purchasing.

Ballistic protection armor

Ballistic protection is the most common type of body armor. Its primary role is to stop and absorb bullet damage. Although, it will depend on what kind of firearm the body armor can handle. Ballistic armor typically comes in as vests, which have different categories or levels of protection.

Edged blade armor

Edge blade protection armor protects against physical attacks that make use of sharp weapons and cutting equipment. Such weapons include scissors, knives, daggers, swords, broken bottles, spears, halberds, and so on.

Spike protection 

Spike protection, on the other hand, will save you from any other sharp object. Such objects include nails, pins, needles, ice picks, screwdrivers, and so much more. The body armor prevents these items from penetrating the gaps in the protective fabric protecting the skin underneath.

Multi-threat body armor

It is easy to protect yourself from handguns with a bulletproof vest. However, it might not save you from spikes and piercing weapons. The same goes for spike body armor. It will safeguard you from penetrators but does nothing against firearms. That is why manufacturers have come up with multi-threat armor. This kind of body armor is the answer to any potential threat you might face. Multi-threat body armor can manage it all, from pistols, arrow shots, to needle guns and darts. The only drawback is that this body armor will cost a fortune.

How Much Will Body Armor Cost?

It will depend on the company or platform where you get the body armor from at one point. Different manufacturers use various materials for their products so the exact amount would be pretty tough to call. What you can do is set a budget first. The next thing to do is to consider the determinants that will affect how much your body armor will cost you.


The first thing you need to check is how comfortable the armor is for you. You can get somebody armor for low prices, but comfort might not be in such a bargain. The truth is that the more you spend, the more you get comfy with the armor. More expensive body armor utilizes thinner materials for its fittings.


You also have to consider the armor’s weight. Surely you don’t want to go at a snail’s pace as you try to avoid threats. Take note that heavier armor will leave a whole lot more pressure on your end.


Mobility is a must for any decent body armor. You will need plenty of cardio and mobility once you get into action. That is why the body armor needs to be flexible enough. When the bullets start flying, you don’t have the luxury to adjust your vest so you can crouch or duck.

Getting My Hands On Some Body Armor

Your local gun and equipment store will have body armor as part of their wares. However, the selections are limited, and you might not find what you are looking for at all. So what do you do? You go online instead. There are a plethora of sites out there that cater to body armor and other protective gear. Checking and ordering are not that hard, for all you have to do is to peruse and click. You can take your time to look for what you want. Do you want an example? Go ahead and check out Safe Life Defense here.

To Finish Things Off

Body armor will save your life. However, you cannot place all the responsibility on the item alone. It is paramount that you do your part as well. As a final note, when purchasing, don’t merely look at the armor’s price tag or how awesome it appears. Check its features and properties first.

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