Are you running out of time to lodge your personal injury claim?

Any injury inflicted to a person’s body through the negligence of someone else, as opposed to a property is referred to as ‘personal injury’. A person has two choices: either they can get compensated for their losses through their own insurance company or the person’s insurance company at fault. Most of the time, the compensation by the insurers is unfair. In situations like these, your second choice might be to take matters into your own hands and file a personal injury case at court with the help of an attorney. Along with other details, a concern one might have is how long do I have to file a personal injury case?

Time limit to file the case

We all know that time is of the essence and it’s never a bad idea to get on things as soon as possible. You need to notify yours or the insurance company of the person responsible for the harm done to you as quickly as possible if you are filing the personal injury case through them because there might be a chance the claim adjuster may be doubtful of the claim itself when a certain amount of time after the occurrence of the accident has passed. The ideal time limit to file the case would be within a month or so of the accident as we do not want the insurance company to question the severity of the injury.

Statute of limitations on personal injury case

The ‘statute of limitations’ is a legal rule under which the claim of the person harmed can be barred if a certain amount of time has passed without them filing the personal injury case. Each state has enforced its own specified time for the filing of the case in the occurrence of an accident or an injury to a person. This certain amount of time can range from one year to six years.

Types of claims and their time limits

Types of claims are of great importance. A case involving a minor might be given a more extended amount of time to file and time limit. It usually starts when the person turns 18, whereas if the person is 18 or over the age of 18, the statute of limitations is enforced by the states. If the injury appears long after the actual accident, then the clock for the statute of limitations starts after the discovery of the harm.

Statute of limitations for populous states

The time limit for filing a case varies from state to state. The statute of limitations for populous states are as follows:

Florida: 4 years

California: 2 years

Illinois: 2 years

Georgia: 2 years

New York : 3 years

New jersey: 2 years

Texas: 2 years

Michigan : 3 years

Massachusetts : 3 years

Missouri: 5 years

Hawaii: 2 years

Alabama: 2 years

New Mexico : 3 years

Ohio: 2 years

If you have been harmed by someone and wish to get compensated for it, you should file a personal injury case for the damage done to you within the time limit specified by your respective state.

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