Are Games and Activities in a Business a Good Idea? 

Have you introduced games into your organisation? Whether you’re yet to buy into the idea of bringing activities into your office or you’ve just bought a retro arcade game for the breakout room, having consoles and other fun features in the workplace isn’t a new thing.

Google is one company that’s renowned for its innovative office spaces and abundance of rooms dedicated to creative thinking. Here, no one thinks twice about the office slide or the room with a movie theme. But are games and activities a good thing? Here, we look at the benefits of adding non-work activities into your workplace.

Build problem solving skills

Taking time out to play a game gives team members a chance to work on problem solving away from their desks. By stepping away from the task they’re working on to tackle a very different type of issue – from scoring points in a game to completing a jigsaw – they are using transferrable skills to troubleshoot. By the time they return to their work, they are in a different mindset and ready to pick up where they left off.

Enhance creativity

Similarly, game playing can boost creativity. It allows participants to think outside of the box and try different techniques to finish the game.

The game itself can provide inspiration for the project they’re working on. Alternatively, it can give the employee time away to think about how to approach the project creatively.

Encourage employee breaks

You don’t want staff to run out of steam. If they are working without having a break, they are more likely to find work is having a negative effect on their wellbeing. In extreme cases, working until they burn out can lead to their mental health being impacted.  

By introducing games consoles and other activities, you are showing your team that it’s ok to take a break from work and that you understand they need an outlet. Encouraging your team to take breaks is good for business too. You’re more likely to retain staff as they are more likely to feel like their wellbeing is valued.

Team building tools

Another plus point of having games and consoles in the office is that you are introducing team building tactics. Some staff members might naturally all play together, but you could even use these activities to get different teams working together by introducing tournaments and challenges – and this camaraderie is transferrable to the work itself.

Top games and activities ideas

Here are some ideas to introduce to your workplace:

  • Pool table or table tennis table – if there’s room for these in the office, these can be a great teambuilding tool.
  • Games console – if you’ve had one of these in the office for a while, you might need to upgrade to the latest model to boost morale and get everyone gaming again.
  • Jigsaw puzzles and card games – these are simple, yet effective additions that can stimulate brain activity.

If you’re thinking of introducing games to your office, see what could be the perfect fit for your team.

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