Advantages of Starting a Business in Amsterdam with a Virtual Office Address

Amsterdam is not only a centre of attention because of its vibrant travelling spots and enchanting beauty; it is also a focal point for thriving businesses. The capital of the Netherlands is a place where innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship is highly appreciated. Amsterdam is one fine depiction of work-life balance ideology. People here have ample time for non-work activities such as travelling, workout, family trips, and nurturing personal hobbies.

The city of canals, Amsterdam, is a beautiful blend of all 180 nationalities. Unlike several other European cities like Paris, Amsterdam has minimal language barriers, and the major part of the population is fluent in the English language. So, if you are an entrepreneur, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier because you can easily converse in the universal language here. Furthermore, a very high percentage (60 per cent of the total population) of people here in Amsterdam have higher education degrees so you won’t find a shortage of talent and skill.

High-quality life, flattering monetary packages, and tonnes of opportunities make Amsterdam an alluring place for business. As a matter of fact, Amsterdam is even more suitable for businesses related to medicine, finance, fashion, IT, and media industry. The fact that Amsterdam has one of the finest logistical facilities and Amsterdam Internet Exchange being the world’s largest data hub makes this city probably the best choice for business startups.

Amsterdam- A Hub for Startups

A city enriched with technological advancement and result-oriented people, Amsterdam is like a dreamland for business startups because they have every single ingredient to thrive here. Another very fascinating thing about this city is its public transportation structure including trains, trams, ferries, and smooth tracks for bicycle lovers. You can easily move from one edge of the town to the other in just 30 minutes or so.

Another advantage this city can offer you is its lower cost of living as compared to many cities in Europe as well as the United States. That is why a lot of international companies move to this part of the world, and the 30 per cent tax break for foreign nationals is cherry on the cake. It’s no wonder they say “if you have got the skills, you pay substantially fewer tax bills.”

Amsterdam is home to some of the world’s biggest multinational and international corporations as their headquarters or major offices are situated here. Some famous names include Tesla, Microsoft, IBM, Twitter, Uber, Netflix, TomTom, Delta Lloyd Group, AkzoNobel, Heineken International, ING Group, and

Amsterdam nurtures a community-oriented environment that can be a massive incentive for people who want to settle here. In fact, surveys concluded that 92 per cent of people in Amsterdam claim that they count on others to help them in time of need. With that being said, Amsterdam is a place of many wonders, and it surely can attract entrepreneurs who wish to have a cherishing life and profitable business.

A city of “countless” qualities does not cease to amaze when it comes to infrastructural excellence. The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the world’s third-largest airport and largest in Europe.

People often get baffled after watching pictures of Amsterdam that how can this city be so futuristic in the technology sector. Well, that is because this city is full of liveliness, museums, theatres, art centres, and architecture, and you always feel like living closer to nature. These fascinating and swashbuckling features can surely entice anyone to start a business and peaceful life here.

A Registered Address Brings A Dutch VAT Number

There are certain requirements for starting a company in the Netherlands. For instance, it is mandatory to register in the ‘Handelsregister’ or the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. Once you successfully register with the authorities, they will issue a Dutch VAT number, and this will allow you to invoice your clients. If you are running a trading company, VAT is also a license to import goods into the European Union.

Moreover, you need your own office or a virtual office in the Netherlands if you wish to register your corporation with Dutch Commercial Register. Having a virtual office can help you in several ways as it is affordable, cost-effective, and you can run your business smoothly.

However, it is important to realize that as per requirements of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Tax Administration, your virtual office must have a reasonable resemblance to an actual office and not just a mere mailing address. That is why, with post-forward via scan, Dutch virtual offices give a registered address/virtual address. All of this will make sure that you can run your business smoothly.

Dutch corporate services greet new businesses and startups with great opportunities and create a pleasing and ideal working environment. Last but not least, a virtual office for your business can leave an authoritative impression on your partners and clients and resolve any potential import issues.

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