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5 Unique Office Spaces to rent out in London

At some point in a business or a start-up’s life, acquiring office space becomes essential and especially the location. Working from home does not remain a suitable option after a time when it comes to creating an image for clients. When it comes to office space, there are different options available to business owners.

The main options are shared office spaces that can be rented or full private business spaces. Serviced office spaces are also a good option since they come with meeting rooms that can be rented by need and use, and they are fitted out with basic amenities needed for a business to run immediately. Shared office spaces are a good option for start-ups and small businesses with 4-6 employees as it would cut costs in the longer run.

Finding an office space that is perfect for you, especially in a city as large as London, can be daunting but to make it easier, here are five unique offices to rent out which could be your next Coworking Space.

1.    Cannon Wharf

A new building complex situated across the river from Canary Wharf, Canary Wharf offers office spaces with reception areas and meeting rooms that can be booked per need. Perfect if you are finance company, looking to be close to stock brokers and such.

  • Offer: Situated over six floors of office and offer studio space.
  • Location: Pell Street, Surrey Quay
  • Unique features: The building is fitted with floor to ceiling windows that provide a fantastic view of the city skyline and allow in plenty of natural light beneficial for a healthy work environment.
  • Other Pros: Provides energy-saving lighting along with proper ventilation. It is a 10-minute distance away from East London’s Shoreditch.

2.    East London Works

An ideal space housing different types of companies; ranging from whole sale fashion to hidden website designers. East London Works has received a Gold ‘Wired score’ that recognizes reliable internet connectivity.

  • Offer: Office space, retail space and studios
  • Location: 75 Whitechapel Road
  • Unique: space is trendy and has creatively designed interiors with modern office spaces.

3.    Hoxton Mix Space

Hoxton mix, located in a trendy area, has office space provides shared office space to small businesses. The perfect office spaces for start-ups and different companies with private business units.

  • Offer: Shared ample office space
  • Location: Bonhill street, Paul Street and Old Street
  • Unique: A large office space that is designed to provide a communal space with privacy. Other pros: Desks are provided with storage space and phone service.

4.    The Hatch

The Hatch is a co-working space that is dedicated to helping tech start-ups grow in a relaxed and creative environment. Situated in the heart of Shoreditch, it’s interior design has been handcrafted to create a modern, minimalist and social environment.

  • Offer: Large open office space
  • Location: 37 Heneage Street London
  • Unique: A modern minimal and social-friendly office space
  • Other pros: A Relaxed and creative office space. Close by transport links to central London and surrounded by local amenities.

5.    E1 Studios

E1 Studios houses a mix of creative companies ; with modelling agencies, fashion houses, graphic designers and financial advisers all under one roof. They provide Wifi, parking, 14 hour access and cctv.

  • Offer: Offices, Workshop space and studios
  • Location: 3-15 Whitechapel Road
  • Unique: A mixture of urban and traditional style situated on the edge of East London
  • Other pros: Offers flexible lease terms