5 simple and effective commercial cleaning tips

It doesn’t matter whether you work as an employee or an entrepreneur; no one would like to have a dirty and unorganized office. Those messy commercial spaces have a negative impression on the clients. Moreover, they can also lower the productivity level of the employees. Even after such huge disadvantages of a cluttered workspace, most people fail to focus on office cleanliness.

Cleaning and sanitizing the clumsiest areas of the workspace such as reception, desks, kitchen, and washroom needs to get done in the early morning. If you are a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide your team a neat and hygienic working environment. This will also contribute to the success of your business. Read on to find out the most effective tips for commercial cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning tips 

Here are 5 simple yet effective commercial cleaning tips that you can try yourself:

1. Organize everything 

Organizing the office area on a regular basis is a must. This is the only way to keep a clean and clutter-free working space. Go near the work desk and see if there are any waste papers lying around. Moreover, employees should have drawers to store their important documents. Paperwork kept on the desks makes the place look clumsy. There are other storage options, too, such as desk trays and wall pockets to keep all the paperwork. 

Encourage your employees and teach them the importance of desk cleaning. Ensure all your employees practice the habit of keeping their drawers and cabinets clean.

2. Make a checklist

If you are a business owner, before you start with commercial cleaning, ensure that you make a proper checklist that will allow you to finish the cleaning task at the time. Let the checklist hold all the areas of the office that need cleaning, such as the reception, conference hall, desks, kitchen, washrooms, etc. This will also take away the possibility of committing mistakes and save your valuable time.

3. Ensure the carpets are clean

One shouldn’t ignore carpet cleaning since most of the hidden dust gets stuck into the carpet and gets down inside its fibers. Since the carpet holds most of the harmful germs and bacteria, make sure to clean it using modern cleaning equipment like a vacuum cleaner. 

You can even opt for professional commercial cleaners who will give deep carpet cleaning services with the help of proper cleaning methods and products. They will remove all the dust, mud, and other harmful contaminants from the carpet. If you’re searching for a trustworthy and dedicated team of commercial cleaners, you must consider Shine Cleaning Solutions.

4. Try the green-clean policy

While you get involved in commercial cleaning, make sure that you follow a green-clean policy. The green-clean policy involves the use of only biodegradable cleaning products and solutions. Many times people often believe that green-clean products aren’t effective enough as compared to the chemical ones, but that isn’t true. 

In today’s world, people all over the world are getting cautious about the environment. Thus, most of the top cleaning companies use cleaning products that are friendly to the environment. So, even if you don’t take any professional help, you must take steps towards using environmentally friendly products. You can get those products and instruct your cleaning staff to use them on a regular basis.

5. Toilet Sanitation

Whenever we talk of a clean and safe working environment, toilet sanitation comes as the topmost priority. Most of the hidden germs and bacteria are on the toilet. Thus, it is very important to get the toilet cleaned with the right products every now and then.

There should be proper sanitization of the doorknobs, taps, washbasin, and other parts of the washroom. Moreover, there should be hand sanitizers kept in the entrance area and different corners of the office. Practicing these habits will prevent your employees from falling sick.


However big or small your office is, regular cleaning is significant. There are plenty of other ways as well to ensure commercial cleanliness. You can organize fun tasks or awareness programs to make your office staff aware of cleanliness. But, if you’re still worried regarding the health of your employees, you should consider commercial cleaning seriously.


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