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5 Factors to consider when choosing a Forex Broker in 2020

Online forex brokers have significantly increased more so in the last few years, and all these brokers claim to provide quality services to their valued customers. Nonetheless, the reality is that not every broker stands by their promise.

Essentially, some are just after making profits even at the expense of their clients, and a few distinct ones that are dedicated to rendering the promised quality services.

Therefore, before you finally decide on the online forex broker to invest with, there are a few essential factors you should consider to allow you to get a forex broker who can effectively meet all your trading needs.


Undoubtedly, this is perhaps the most crucial factor worth considering when looking for a forex broker to invest your money with. Typically, you don’t want a scenario where you invest your money with a broker who has not fulfilled the obligatory regulation requirements and who is dishonest.

Proper regulations usually ensure that forex brokers are sufficiently capitalized in the event of trading losses, in addition to ensuring they are maintaining satisfactory dealing practices and keep your money in secure and segregated accounts.

Choose an officially regulated broker with a decent regulatory history. Usually, Forex brokers show a list of both their regulation numbers and regulators (that you can validate on the websites of the regulators). Below are some of the popular regulation agencies in various countries:

  •  CFTC in the USA
  • AMF in Canada
  • FCA in the UK.

Data Security

Generally, when you decide to partner with Forex brokers, you need to provide some essential personal details during the process of registration, such as credit cards, bank, and passport information, among other details.

If the internet connections of the forex broker are not well-secured, your personal information may be susceptible to being accessed by malicious internet For example, in 2015, FXCM was allegedly hacked and some unauthorized transfers made from customer’s accounts.

As such, the broker you choose must have reliable and robust data security. Numerous accredited brokers usually install SSL encryption to guarantee that personal information is safe and cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties.

Moreover, accredited brokers also install two-factor authentication programs such as Etrade that mandates for a password, username, as well as a unique code generated randomly. This makes it hard for malicious individuals to access personal information.

Finally, a genuine broker must have an exclusive clause within their privacy policy that guarantees that they will not sell your data to third parties.

Trading Platforms

The best Forex brokers According to the FX Daily Report are those that offer a platform that will be not only quick but also easy to use and stable for standard Forex trading.

Therefore, you must check a broker’s trading platform before getting into a partnership, particularly if you are a beginner.

When searching for a broker, ensure that you check what their trading platform is offering-always go for the one that offers most options. You can check out various online reviews to identify the best forex traders available as they offer comprehensive information on the various forex brokers.

For instance, according to many review sites, brokers BDSwiss and Tickmill are among the best forex brokers in 2020, primarily due to their great trading platforms and overall services. Such information can help you find the ideal forex broker for you.

Always evaluate the available charting tools, notwithstanding whether the news feed is free, as well as if there is sufficient information offered and that enables customers to confidently and comfortably trade.


When it comes to forex trading, timing is crucial. Ideally, a foreign currency’s value can rise or fall in mere seconds, and it is at such a time that a forex broker needs to act to secure the best deal. Typically, the broker you go for must be able to effectively execute trades in a way that will ultimately benefit you.

Market maker types of brokers are effectively able to operate on your schedule as well as react fast when need be! Usually, the brokers who use the interbank system to pass the orders tend to be much slower, and it is worth remembering this when you are deciding on the broker to use.

Transaction costs

All businesses come with some hidden fees and which can subsequently take their toll mainly when summed up. The same can be said for the trading of foreign currency.

With every trade you make, there are some transaction costs applied, and the total amount can end up being quite significant once every other cost is summed up as well.

Generally, forex broker transaction costs can be paid in two ways: some brokers get a particular percentage of your total profit, while others charge a specific fixed amount on each transaction.

You need to ensure you clarify and agree on this before you enter into a partnership since you may end up getting surprised, especially if you a new or inexperienced trader. Mostly, the more reliable brokers often charge higher, although this is just a cost that comes with doing business.


Currently, foreign currency trading ranks as among the most common ways of earning some extra cash, as well as utilizing savings in a rather productive and proactive manner. Nonetheless, it isn’t easy and requires one to have a proper understanding of what the industry is all about, as well as the rules that guide it.

This is the main reason why traders must hire professional forex brokers to guide them through everything that happens to ensure they get the most beneficial trade deals.

Choosing the ideal broker is as such a vital step towards a successful foreign exchange trader career, and with these few factors to guide you, it will be no time until you are reaping profits!