5 Best Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners

Social media is an important part of our daily lives and properly leveraging it could help you build a reputation for your brand, its products, and services. The social media marketing campaigns are launched to increase their brand’s visibility, digital presence, social media followers, and successfully convert customers. Companies focusing solely on providing social media marketing services have also come up and are very much in demand, to help customers reach their social media aspirations. Don’t have a budget to hire them, or want to do it for yourself? Here we are, to help you with some tips and strategies that you can utilize to take complete advantage of social media. 

Decide on a Particular Social Media Platform

One common mistake beginners make when starting out in the social media marketing business is using all platforms together at once. It will end up confusing you and dividing your attention, which will not produce the target results. The best way is to analyze which platform most of your customers use. Suppose, you have a website or blog, you could conduct a survey and analyze which platform is the most used by your visitors. In case you do not have a website or blog, you could check out some influencers in your niche and compare their followers or like count to understand which platform has the highest audience count for people in your niche. Start with the platform which showed the highest audience reciprocation as it would mean higher chances of being successful. You can even try some of the best social media marketing agencies to get engagement on your social media profiles. 

Post Keeping the Time in Mind

In case you are managing more than one social media platform, to ensure uniformity and reaching a large number of audience, schedule your posts beforehand across all social media platforms. It will help you promote your brand and utilize the same content for reaching a wide audience at the same time. Another thing you should keep in mind is to post your content at a time just before the most active hours of your audience. The different analytics tools provide you with insights about the demographics of your audience which will contain details about the most visited time and rank your posted content based on the number of impressions. 

Create new posts utilizing older ones

Just as we said before, the various analytic tools help you by performing a number of analyses on your account to give you an idea about your most liked or commented posts, or on the basis of engagement. These rankings would help you get an idea about the kind of posts your community wants to see you post and you could plan your future content based on this. This would ensure that your audience gets what they followed you for and constantly engage with your posts. The companies providing social media services also help you by providing you with more in-depth and extensive analysis results. You could also have a look at the various trends that have a lot of people engrossed and could do the same or give it your own personal twist!

Make sure your Social Media Profile is Optimized

SEO is a topic that is widely talked about nowadays and is something every brand or account should focus on. Don’t know what it is? Well, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a process which helps the various search engines boost your page or account when some specific searches are done. Optimizing your page so that it adheres the various SEO guidelines is important as it would help you reach a wider audience. We will provide you with some general advice that you could follow to optimize your social media profile:

  • Use a profile photo where you or your brand’s logo is visible clearly. Another thing to take care of, is that if it is a personal account, make sure the profile picture caters to the platform. What does that mean? Well, in case you are focusing on Linkedin, it would be better that you have a profile picture which is professional.
  • Write a very descriptive bio which throws some light on your expertise and your experience which could help potential customers get an idea about you. This also helps in providing a sense of authenticity to your account.
  • Try cross-platform marketing, i.e., provide links to your other social media accounts, blog, or website. It would help you get valuable customers who engage with you across all of them.

Use Any and Almost Every Social Media Feature

Whenever a social media platform releases a new feature, it makes sure to boost the users who utilize it as much as possible. Need an example? Instagram rolled out the Reels feature and is promoting it extensively. It also said that creators could gain a wider reach by creating and posting reels. Additionally, creating and uploading content using these new features would help you provide your audience with a variation in your content, avoiding it from getting monotonous. The more the engaging content, the better the reach and more the recognition. 


Social media has a vast amount of users which is better for your engagement when marketed properly. On the other hand, it is difficult to go viral or earn the recognition you deserve, in a short time. However, consistency and visually appealing content are the two pillars to succeeding on social media. You can do it!