4 of the most common workplace injuries and how to avoid them

When you’re running a business, the health and safety of your employees should be your paramount concern. It’s a daunting responsibility, to say the least, but when you take the steps needed to keep your workforce safe and well during their time at work, then you’ll not only be avoiding a potential lawsuit, but you’ll also improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Something I’m sure all employees would be in favour of!

It’s worth noting that as long as you adhere to the latest in health and safety practices, the following incidents can easily be avoided. Undertaking regular safety inspections and risk assessments, keeping your staff highly trained, providing the correct equipment and having the appropriate safety procedures in place can all be implemented easily. You can find a range of health and safety signage here at mysafetysign. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

Read on for the 4 of the most common workplace injuries and how to avoid them.

Slips, trips and accidental falls

When a floor surface is slippery, it puts everyone at risk and regardless of whether you work in a warehouse or a high rise office building, a wet, slippery surface can lead to a slip, trip or fall that could cost you greatly. Ensuring that any wet surfaces are highlighted with the correct signage will certainly help employees to avoid the area or at the very least, encourage vigilance. Alternatively, if you have members of staff working at height, perhaps in a factory or warehouse setting, then employees falling from ladders or other platforms is also a major risk. Ensure that staff have the correct training and also provide the correct equipment such as harnesses to keep them safe. Man down alarms can also be useful for automatically alerting an emergency contact when a fall occurs.

Being struck by falling objects

Whether your receptionist is opening a cupboard and gets struck by a box of copier paper or someone in your warehouse is struck by inventory being accidentally moved. Most falling object accidents are the result of human error or more specifically, a lack of training in how to store inventory or equipment properly.


RSI or repetitive strain injury is an extremely common workplace injury that affects everyone from office workers to those working on an assembly line. The repetitive motion of the joints is incredibly painful and debilitating, with sufferers often taking sick leave to help recovery. You can help prevent RSI by encouraging those with repetitive roles to take regular breaks. You can also invest in ergonomic equipment to help employees with their positioning at their desks.


You’re probably less likely to be involved in a crash at work if you’re office-based, however, take a trip down to the warehouse or factory and you could be at risk. Employees who are struck by forklifts, or the arms of lifting equipment, lorries and vans could potentially take months off work to recover, potentially sue your business or even be killed by this kind of workplace incident. These kinds of accidents can be avoided by keeping everyone up to date with their health and safety training and providing the right kind of safety equipment.

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