3 Ways to Improve a Business Website

Just about every business, big or small, has a website by now. Still, many are discovering that it’s not enough to just have a site, particularly one that’s five or more years old. The internet has changed tremendously in such a short span, and those who manage to win over customers with their website tend to be the ones who update or improve their platform fairly regularly.

Based on customer reviews and feedback, nearly half of customers will purchase elsewhere if the website is poorly curated, and that’s with 60 per cent going to a website or app as their first port-of-call for inquiries. So, we’re going through three essential areas that are not only integral to customer experience but also fairly straightforward to upgrade or update.

Update your website’s design

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By tweaking aspects of your web design, particularly by making it more user-friendly, you can increase customer retention and increase traffic. Delving into site analytics and adding new content or updating existing content can all help you to stand out and allow each visit to feel like an exciting new experience for the user.

The major companies rarely have to adjust their platforms until something starts going wrong, and usually, the entity causing the upset is an upstart small business. So, it’s always good to check out the small business sites for inspiration. For example, Motivated Mornings has a smooth, intuitive design that’s beaming with yellow and pleasant images. On the other hand, Keene Dental has a very clear-cut white on light blue aesthetic.

Improve your online software programs

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Some websites can’t simply function as a storefront and require either a unique experience to captivate users or are a web-based service. For all of this, online software programs have become a core part of the business. Software as a Service, as it’s known, will run apps in a cloud-based environment, granting direct access without any need to download. Better software can result in a superior experience, thus putting the business ahead of the competition.

While online software programs can certainly help innovative small businesses enhance their platform, they are essential to businesses like betting companies. For these, all customer interactions take place on the site, and so, the better the software, the better the customer experience. So, sports betting software providers Pronet Gaming have crafted a way to include a vast sportsbook, fast and accurate data, risk management, live streaming, cash out, and other live features all on one platform.

Ensure that it’s responsive for mobile users

business website

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A tremendous amount of purchasing is done via mobiles, with there being more than double the mobile users making weekly online purchases than there are computer users. As such, you need to make sure that your website offers the very best experience for touch-screen devices. Essential to this is that your website has a responsive design, which will also help to make it look up-to-date.

Essentially, the mobile version of your site has to be easy to navigate, have easy-to-see information, and look nice for visitors. A great example of this is the Evernote mobile site, which emphasises the importance of its service and empowers the brand through colourful imagery, and yet, it’s very clean-cut and minimal. You can get a sense of the brand by scrolling down, and the menu’s easy to navigate via the sidebar pullout.

Regardless of if you have the know-how or if you need to hire a professional, improving these aspects of your website will greatly enhance your standing against the online competition.

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