3 Effective Tips on How to Overcome Anxiety for Males

“So, how have you been feeling lately?”

The dreaded questions that almost every male wants to ignore get asked again.

“Fine,” Tim responds. “Everything is fine, never been better.”

But everything is not okay. Tim got fired from his job after his company downsized during the pandemic. Now he’s barely getting by through food stamps and some money from his savings account.

Why does it seem so complicated for men to talk about their feelings and be more vulnerable?

Probably because they have always been told to “man up’’ or ‘’be more like a man and don’t cry’’. Some women also find it weak if men show their emotions too much.

According to the Australian Department of Health, there are around 3,000 suicides each year. And 75% of suicide cases are men.

In Canada, statistics published on the Canadian government website show that from 2,000 to 2016, anxiety increased among all labor forces.

No doubt, with the current pandemic, mental illness seems to be on the rise.

So what can you, as a male, do to overcome anxiety?

Quit Dangerous Addictive Habits

There is no benefit when chain-smoking or binge drinking to cope with depression. On the contrary, you’re ignoring all the underlying issues that are causing your anxiety or depression.

You might be exhausted from paying your debts, dealing with a problematic partner, or working in a toxic work environment. So first, you need to identify the source of your constant state of sadness.

  • Do people belittle you and do not listen to your opinions at work?
  • Do your friends not include you in hangouts?
  • Do you find it hard to approach and start a healthy relationship with someone?

These are some examples of questions you need to ask yourself. After calmly realizing what is wrong in your life, seek more beneficial solutions to boost your happiness, such as sports and dancing.

Communicate Your Feelings

Repressed emotions can build up over time and lead to severe headaches and heart issues.

Increased stress triggers stress hormones in your body that cause elevated levels of sugar.

Increased sugar levels result in diabetes and hypertension, which can damage your heart’s blood vessels.

In Canada, a survey mentioned by Statista and published in 2018, around 24% males and 36% females were diagnosed with anxiety.

Though women are more prone to develop anxiety than men, men are more likely to underreport their symptoms and worries to therapists and counselors.

If you are facing problems with sexual performance, for example, it is best to be vocal about it. Issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction can interfere with your sex life and make your anxiety worse.

It might be hard to speak to a friend or partner about it, but reaching out to a men’s health clinic in Canada can help you deal with your problems and prescribe a custom treatment.

Change Your Environment

As the saying goes: “Birds of a feather flock together.”

If you keep on hanging out with people who are bad for your mental wellbeing, then you are not going to get better.

Those who actively engage in drug and alcohol consumption because it is the easiest way to drown their woes are especially harmful to your mental health. Some people might be jealous of you and want to harm you by using acts of persuasion and manipulation purposely.

Ensure not to fall for these tricks and stay alert of such dangerous mind tactics. Even your presumed close friends and colleagues can be your worst haters.

Instead, seek kindred spirits who are more than happy to support you along your journey and who don’t demean you or abandon you.

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