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From Setback To Success

It’s easy to feel positive and happy when everything is going right but it’s when life is challenging that it really counts.  That’s when often the real learning comes in! And often when we are reaching for new goals, or plans that’s when we will encounter setbacks as we are trying something new.

So, try to see setbacks as success or a sign of progress

Sometimes depending on what else is going on – especially in our current situation – we have more resources at some times, less at others but start with asking yourself – what can I think or do now to make me feel better? Does this thought feel empowering or disempowering? Get into the habit of asking yourself this question to switch states.

I am not suggesting we run away from negative feelings but I am suggesting we embrace them as part of our experiences to learn and grow. They are a part of life experience I’m afraid!

But try not to go into rumination and reaction or negative self-talk e.g.  – I am so this, how dare they – as this keeps you stuck in the negative loop – say to yourself I feel annoyed ‘for now’ and say to yourself ‘right now I feel annoyed but I am feeling better/or I choose to feel better’. Sometimes taking a leap to say ‘I feel amazing’ is too much of a leap but speak to yourself like your best friend would.

Look at your resources and write them down. Writing accesses a part of our brain that is more analytical. When we are overwhelmed, or worried – our brains get stuck at the highest part of the emotion – the left and right side of the brain gets jumbled up.

So, get a journal and write down when did I overcome an issue before, what did I do? Who did I speak to? What other steps did I take? What is the first step I can take now?

Make a decision – do I want to let these feelings go or hold onto them?

In summary, we all have times when things do not go to plan. It’s okay to feel down but not for an extended time, several weeks or months. It’s important to check in to ensure you are starting to feel better bit by bit over the days. I’ve provided a few tools here to help you face your concerns and really learn from them. Once you learn to do this – you will get even better at it in the future!

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Sarah is an experienced personal, business and career coach, trainer and speaker. Her entrepreneurial spirit is refreshing and her insatiable drive to help others find their happiness is invaluable.


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