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Why Vape Activism is Vital for e-Cigarette Companies in Ireland

Vaping is on the rise here in Ireland and around the world, which is presenting political leaders with a new set of issues. The idea that countries, like Ireland, are starting to impose rules or regulations regarding vaping seems more than reasonable, but these new regulations may hurt vape businesses.

What are the Regulations About?

The regulations deal with e-cigarettes and advertising for them. Ireland has placed a ban on the type of advertising that may persuade children under the age of 18 to smoke e-cigs.

Most good retailers that sell products like Vapour2 e-cigarettes are more than happy to go along with this ban, agreeing that children shouldn’t smoke, but this ban has gone a little too far. It is reasonable that no company should be able to place ads near schools or other locations where kids may frequent, but companies have to attract new customers.

Not being able to advertise could reduce opportunities for companies in the vaping industry. It should also be pointed out that these new set of regulations are meant to make it impossible for companies to advertise fun flavours because they are seen as specifically targeting young people.

Why is Vape Activism Important for Businesses?

The reality is that the vape industry is still pretty young in Ireland. There are a few companies growing there, but the business is still in its early stages, which means it is still vulnerable.

These new regulations might have good intentions, but they also dampen the market and make it unnecessarily harder for vape retailers to advertise their product to a population that is just learning about e-cigarettes.

This is where corporate activism comes into play. Companies need to get involved as much as possible because politicians sometimes have a blind spot and cannot see the perspective of the company. Everyone wants the same thing, to protect children from being exposed to vaping at an age when they haven’t developed enough emotional and practical intelligence to make a good decision.

The key is to figure out a way to ensure that both politicians and companies work together to find an effective solution that doesn’t compromise the industry so much that it could literally stifle it.

How Can Businesses Fight Back?

Fighting back is much more than just finding common ground with local lawmakers; it also requires that companies draw up plans that could help them along with other business owners within this industry.

Of course, earning support among politicians is one thing you can do, but what is important is fighting misinformation. One of the biggest hurdles that vape business owners have to overcome is the misinformation of vaping.

Some people are starting to link to all sorts of respiratory issues while others link vaping to addiction. It’s important that business owners actually begin hiring third party testing companies who can examine the effects of e-cigarettes.

Once you understand what these products can do, you can start to earn the trust of the people by revealing your findings. You can highlight how helpful e-cigarettes can be for people who are dealing with anxiety or who are addicted to nicotine.

It may also be a good idea for companies to consider experimenting with different flavours or work with vendors who are selling flavours that won’t attract young people. Thankfully, vape juice can be modified in countless ways. Finding flavors that might comply with the new regulations should be relatively easy.

You should also consider partnering up with other e-cig business owners around you so that you can help each other because the chance of more regulations being put in place is pretty high. Getting together to lobby the authorities is the best way of ensuring that your business is protected and in a position to thrive as vaping becomes the mainstream alternative to smoking.