Training and Learning Division of The Henderson Group, The Academy, Launches New Website for Logistics and Compliance-Related Training in Northern Ireland

The Academy, a division of The Henderson Group, has unveiled its new website, dedicated to logistics and compliance training in Northern Ireland. This innovative platform streamlines the process for individuals and businesses seeking to enhance their skills and advance their careers through industry-leading training opportunities.

Check out The Academy website. 

The Academy Website Launch

The newly launched website is designed to demystify driver and compliance training, offering a clear pathway for candidates to achieve success by engaging with expert training instructors.

The site provides detailed information on course requirements, eligibility criteria, and other essential considerations for prospective learners. It serves as a vital resource for those striving to increase their qualifications and invest in their career development opportunities.

The Academy

As one of Northern Ireland’s leading providers of logistics and compliance training, The Academy currently serves over 300 retail and logistics businesses with customised development programmes and compliance training solutions.

Their comprehensive training solutions include driver training, forklift operation, food safety, and health and safety courses. With expert instruction and professional support provided throughout the training process, The Academy ensures that trainees are best equipped to achieve their goals – boasting an impressive 95% pass rate.

With a rich history in logistics, safety, and compliance, The Academy is uniquely equipped to deliver a high standard of training excellence and deliver outstanding service in Northern Ireland.

Justine McGreevey, People Development and Academy Manager “At The Academy, we firmly believe that both individual and business growth stem from investing in people. This website launch demonstrates our dedication to that principle. We are committed to offering industry-leading solutions that pave a clear, transparent, and achievable pathway to success for all our trainees.  We achieve our ambition to be the best training provider by Making Learning Meaningful!”

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