Londonderry Chamber agrees partnership with Letterkenny Chamber

The Londonderry Chamber of Commerce has agreed a new partnership with the Letterkenny Chamber to collaborate on issues affecting the membership of both bodies.

This agreement between the two Chambers sets out a common framework for working together to represent the interests of businesses across the North West City Region.

The partnership aims to further advance the economic development of the North West City Region, advocate on behalf of the region’s business community, and promote better cross-border collaboration.

It comes at a time when businesses on both sides of the border try to tackle the effects of the pandemic, and new ways of working post-Brexit.

Londonderry Chamber President Dawn McLaughlin said: “We are very pleased to announce this new partnership. For years, we have worked closely with the Letterkenny Chamber to address major issues facing both our memberships. In recent months, we have sought to tackle the two most pressing challenges the North West has encountered in a long time. Covid-19 has dealt a huge blow to many businesses and there are also significant changes for businesses in a post-Brexit world.

“This formal partnership will strengthen the voice of the business community in the entire North West region. It will focus on developing the region’s capacity to attract inward investment and support business enterprise. The challenges we face do not stop at the border, and this cross-border partnership reflects that.

“We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Letterkenny Chamber and hope this partnership is the beginning of a long-lasting, strengthened relationship that delivers economic prosperity to the North West.”

Letterkenny ChamberMichael Margey, Letterkenny Chamber President, added: “In the past, our collaboration with Chamber colleagues in Derry has been instrumental in promoting our members’ interests to key stakeholders and elected representatives. Now, with the establishment of this formal partnership, we will work further to address the key issues facing our local economy and bring about more investment in the North West region. This recognises that given how interconnected we are, investment in the North West benefits all of us.”

“The combined effects of Covid-19 and Brexit have meant that many businesses across the North West have faced one of the most difficult trading years in living memory. By working together, we can focus on developing and pursuing common goals and interests, given we share this small region.”

“In these very uncertain times, unity is our greatest strength, and in working together, we hope to build a more vibrant, sustainable and prosperous regional economy that benefits everyone.”

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