Linen Quarter’s Virtual Health Week launched

Linen Quarter’s Virtual Health Week is back and like before, there are plenty of ways for you and your family to keep your mind and body healthy during this current lockdown period.

Gyms may still be open for individual workouts, but for many working from home, it is important to not only workout with others via Zoom, but it’s just as essential to stay connected and even fuel our bodies with healthy ingredients.

Staying active, motivated to work and even positive may be the hardest parts of lockdown, but with the week-long detailed plan LQ BID has put in place, you will be able to stay focused and have access to many links you can not only view once, but time and time again!

With a range of great workouts, a Five Ways To Wellbeing Webinar with Health Matters , recipes (and much more!) there are lots of ways to take part. Visit and get involved!

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