GDP’s Pandemic Recovery Team Aims to Provide Lifeline for Businesses

To say that the past year has been challenging for business owners in Northern Ireland across all sectors may well be an understatement. Despite financial aid provided by the UK Government in the form of the furlough scheme alongside other grants and loans, the biggest challenge may be yet to come as business owners attempt to navigate the months ahead.

An all-Ireland financial solutions-based company, GDP Partnership, has set-up a Pandemic Recovery Team and is aiming to help save 100 businesses in 2021, but what exactly does this initiative mean for business owners?

We put some questions to GDP Partnership’s Co-Founder, Conor Devine, and here’s what he had to say.

What does GDP Partnership do and what experience does the company have?

Established in 2010, GDP Partnership is a financial solutions-based company that was born out of the last major global financial crisis in 2008. With one main goal, GDP Partnership works to help individuals and business owners to overcome financial challenges and crises.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, GDP Partnership teamed up with banking expert, Nick Leeson, to form a Pandemic Recovery Team which is aiming to save 100 businesses in 2021. The team is made up of banking, legal, real estate and insolvency professionals with a vast amount of experience.

Having assisted countless businesses in the wake of the 2008 financial crash means that GDP Partnership is in a great position to advise businesses on how they should deal with the months to come. In addition, Nick brings along with him years of experience and a plethora of skills. Managing Director of his own trading company, Bull and Bear Capital, Nick is one of the most sought after corporate speakers and offers his services to a number of organisations based around the world.

How are you proposing to help business owners?

Thanks to the financial assistance offered by Government funding assistance, some businesses managed stay afloat throughout 2020, however, since the beginning of the new year, more and more businesses and individuals are seeking our help due to pressure coming from banks and various creditors.

As a solutions-based company, we encourage our clients to inform and educate themselves about the options that are available to them and start to form a new plan regarding the way forward.

In business there are always a range of options open to people, however it is often the case that many people are unaware of this. Part of our job at GDP is to clearly set this out, and ensure the customer understands the new proposed pathway forward.

What does the process look like?

Once a business owner contacts us, we’ll set up a meeting where we’ll discuss the business’ affairs as things stand and outline and plan the options that are available. We know that the past year has brought an unimaginable amount of stress and anxiety for business owners, but we want them to start thinking about solutions and planning for the future.

Many of our customers are under quite a lot of stress by the time they reach us, which often results in them not being able to think straight, or be creative around solutions.  This is the space where we step in, and bring forward a clear plan, and new ideas on all of the options available.

As a business owner, why should I choose to work with GDP Partnership specifically?

We have been helping business owners for over ten years now in the debt and funding space.  Our team are all professionally qualified and are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to give said advice. Finally, we actually do care about these matters.

We take great pride in walking each of our customers through the process, and there is no better feeling than bringing new hope and solutions to a business owner, particularly when they were unable to see any other way forward, without the intervention of GDP.

How do I get in touch?

Business owners can contact Conor Devine by calling: 028 92 444 555 or emailing: [email protected]. Additional information is also available on GDP Partnership’s website:

You can also follow us on our social channels on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

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