GDP Partnership Aims to Save 100 businesses in 2021

GDP Partnership, an all-Ireland financial solutions-based company, has launched a new Pandemic Recovery Team with the hope of saving up to 100 businesses this year. The company, set up in 2010 with one real business goal to help people and business owners through the financial crisis, has seen their business model evolve over the years, but their goal remains constant.

As the restrictions on businesses become ever more concerning because of the pandemic, and costs and debts spiral out of control, regardless of the substantial assistance in the way of furlough and loans and grants, business owners across many sectors need to start thinking about how they are going to tackle the challenging months ahead. They need to begin facing the reality of what’s next for them, which includes having to pay back those loans, as well as sustain other rudimentary costs.

GDP founders James Gibbons and Conor Devine MRICS have once again teamed up with Nick Leeson, infamous rogue trader turned banking expert who now runs his own trading company, Bull and Bear Capital. Nick, still one of the most sought after corporate speakers who has lived in Galway for over 15 years, has a substantial all-Ireland SME following and offers his consultancy services to many organisations right across the globe.

Conor Devine is delighted to have Nick back on board and stated, “Nick is a great addition to the team. His experience and knowledge is invaluable to me and the staff. One of the characteristics that aligns Nick with the ethos of GDP Partnership is that he has a huge amount of empathy.  This combined with a high level of intellectual problem solving skills, is a recipe for success in this line of work.

“Up until now, we have seen some of the pain being insulated for many business owners given the vast amount of government financial support.  However since the turn of the year, we’ve been contacted by more and more businesses that are starting to fail, and many entrepreneurs are starting to lose hope, as banks start to squeeze their customers again. It’s the Global Financial Crisis all over again, but this time even more acute and profound, as it has impacted almost every business in some way.

“From our perspective, we have the knowledge and knowhow from the last crash, and it’s the experience of helping so many people and businesses come through that, which will allow us to help so many businesses deal with the current challenges this coming year.

“I would like to think what separates us from anyone else is that we are a solutions based practice.  We now know that there are a number of pre-insolvency options open to business owners.  What business owners now have to do is to take back control of their own affairs, arm, inform and educate themselves with the options open to them, and get a plan in place. There are always options, but you need to ask for help.”

GDP Partnership, fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and the Pandemic Recovery Team believe that they have the right people, made up of banking, legal, real estate and insolvency professionals, as well as the skill set, can do approach and attitude and more importantly, the relevant experience, to make a real difference.

“Our team know we can help these business owners. Our reputation precedes us and we have not only great working relationships with banks but with many investment organisations and funding lines which will also be hugely important to get through this crisis.” continues James Gibbons.

“The formal Insolvency route isn’t always the answer nor necessary. We are here to help and provide turnaround solutions today. We are only interested in delivering progressive solutions for businesses! We would urge people to engage, don’t stick your head in the sand  – plan for what’s ahead.

“We have no doubt the strength and resilience Nick has shown throughout his life, overcoming huge stress and anxiety with what happened at Barings over 25 years ago and going on to fight and beat Cancer twice, will help to assist our clients. Nick has become, and still is, one of the most coveted business speakers internationally – it really is a testament to his strength of character.”

GDP, recognised as a market leader, is one of the only debt mediation companies in Northern Ireland fully authorised by the FCA to carry out this service. GDP Partnership has also full member status to ‘The Association of Business Recovery Professionals’. They are the only practice in this organisation that are not Insolvency Practitioners, that in itself is an accolade.

For more information on GDP Partnership’s services please contact Conor Devine  [email protected].

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