Fairhill Launches Employee Wellbeing Initiative

Fairhill Shopping Centre in Ballymena has launched a new Employee Wellbeing Initiative, promoting positive mental health to all traders and employees within the centre. 

With an increasing focus being placed on overall wellbeing, Fairhill is setting the standards in employee welfare, with a number of events and workshops taking place in the coming months that will promote wellbeing amongst staff.   

The first of these initiatives was launched on Thursday 6th February with the ‘Mood Matters’ wellbeing programme, delivered on-site by Fairhill’s Charity of the Year, AWARE. The workshop informed attendees about skills and techniques they can use to look after their mental health, manage feelings or stress, worry or depression, as well as helping them cope with challenges in the workplace and home life. 

Speaking about the initiative, Centre Manager at Fairhill, Natalie Jackson said, “Mental Health is something that affects many people, whether directly or indirectly, and it’s something that can be difficult at times to discuss. We wanted to do an initiative like this for quite some time, we just hadn’t found the right solution but when we heard about the ‘Mood Matters’ programme, we knew it was something that our traders would welcome and we weren’t wrong, with almost 30 traders attending our first workshop. We’re delighted with the turnout and look forward to hosting future events to promote wellbeing amongst traders and employees.” 

During the programme, delivered by David Duly from AWARE, attendees were educated on what exactly mental health is, the signs and symptoms, how it can affect people at work, sources of help and support and how to look after an individual’s own mental health as best they can. 

Lisa Abell-Farrelly, Corporate Relationship Officer at AWARE said, “We’re delighted to deliver our ‘Mood Matters’ programme to the team at Fairhill Shopping Centre. This programme has been so well received and is beneficial to both employees and employer, helping staff to recognise the importance of looking after their mental health and wellbeing and highlighting the various symptoms, as it is easy sometimes to dismiss the fact that a person may actually be suffering from mental health issues. 

“We hope that through the programme delivered to traders, more people will be encouraged to talk openly if they are suffering from mental health issues and seek help if they are worried. This is a fantastic initiative by Fairhill.”

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