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Exposing Weaknesses in the UK’s Healthcare Systems

The UK health system is under tremendous strain right now with the coronavirus pandemic, but it is important that it is not forgotten that the NHS was already struggling mightily prior to the outbreak and there is a lot that needs to be done to create a stronger system going forwards in order to protect public health.

A Flawed but Fantastic System

While it is clear that the NHS has been struggling for a long time for a myriad of reasons, it is also important to note the tremendous work that is done. The NHS is an incredible healthcare system that is envied in many places around the world without universal healthcare and people often praise the incredible work of NHS staff (particularly during Covid-19).

Supply Issues

Since the outbreak, a number of vulnerabilities have been highlighted which need to be addressed to improve the short and long-term situation. The lack of PPE has been one of the major stories in the UK during the pandemic as many NHS workers are putting themselves at risk without access to the proper PPE – while there will always be problems when demand soars like it has done, it is reflective of a deeper problem as supply is still an issue months later.


Funding is another issue that has faced the NHS for many years and again this is something that has been highlighted by the pandemic. The Government reiterated the importance of flattening the curve so that the number of people requiring hospital treatment does not exceed the capability of the healthcare system – while this was achieved, there have been many concerns about capacity and issues surrounding the number of ventilators which is worrying.

Elderly Care

Perhaps the most shocking and upsetting aspect of the pandemic has been the rate of infection and the number of fatalities that have occurred in care homes. It is clear that stronger action was required to protect those in these settings, which could lead to a rise in domiciliary care where people are cared for in their own homes. Care agency insurance will be vital for these businesses as they can provide expert advice on how to minimize risk in these settings and ensure that compliance is met.

The UK’s healthcare system has been flawed for many years now despite the excellent work of staff, but the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted some of the major issues that the system faces. Officials are calling for changes to be made to address the ongoing crisis, but also to manage future health care issues so that the public can get the care that they need.