Co-Ownership NI supporting AnyNest pilot in England

Co-Ownership is using its expertise and resource to support the launch of AnyNest – a new not-for-profit organisation set up in England to help people own their own homes through shared ownership.


AnyNest is running an initial pilot in the West Midlands and is specifically designed to help public sector workers, including NHS staff, to purchase a property.  It is unique in England because it works with buyers to purchase any freehold home worth up to £300,000 on the open market.  The scheme plans to expand to buyers across England following the 40-home pilot.

The Co-Ownership team have worked for the last two years to support AnyNest to develop a shared ownership model closer to the Co-Ownership product available in Northern Ireland than other current shared ownership schemes in England. Through a mutual desire to offer more opportunities for people to own their own home, Co-Ownership will be supporting AnyNest’s customers throughout the application journey by managing applications and dealing with all customer contact through a dedicated AnyNest team in Belfast.

AnyNest has secured its own funding channels to buy homes and has engaged Co-Ownership to support the operational process as the expertise of the Belfast-based team is aligned to the AnyNest product.

Glynis Hobson, Director of Customer Services at Co-Ownership, said: “We are delighted to support AnyNest with this new scheme offering more opportunities for people to own their own home.  Using our technology and expertise our dedicated team are perfectly positioned to answer any questions customers have about AnyNest and assess their applications remotely.

“Local valuers and conveyancers on the ground in England will assist with the home purchase and the Co-Ownership team will be on hand to support customers throughout. We are proud of the quick and efficient service we offer to Co-Ownership applicants in Northern Ireland and are thrilled to be supporting this pilot and helping more people into homeownership.”

Nick Markham, Founder of AnyNest, said: “For our model to work – efficiency and cost-effectiveness are critical.  It became clear in our dialogue that outsourcing our application process to the already established Co-Ownership team made perfect sense.  This way our customers will get the best available expertise and the application process will be as streamlined as possible – which is very important in a changing property market.”

Co-Ownership has over 40 years’ experience supporting over 30,000 customers in Northern Ireland.  The shared ownership model Co-Ownership employs accounts for up to 10% of NI’s first time buyers’ market each year. In the past financial year, Co-Ownership supported more than 1,000 people in Northern Ireland into homeownership, despite the backdrop of the pandemic.

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