Centre for Democracy and Peace Building launch International Women’s Day event

The personal and political legacy of former NI Secretary of State Mo Mowlam is to be the subject of a virtual event set to be hosted by The Centre for Democracy and Peace Building to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March.

Held via Zoom, the event will feature an informal conversation between Professor Monica McWilliams, Co-Founder of The Women’s Coalition and Henrietta Norton, film director and stepdaughter of Mo Mowlam.

In what promises to be an intimate, insightful discussion, Monica and Henrietta will consider Mo’s personal and political legacy in successfully negotiating the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement. It will pay tribute to the key role that Mo, Monica and other women had in the peace process that is too often forgotten.

Former Leader of the Women’s Coalition and close friend of Mo Mowlam, Professor Monica McWilliams, said ahead of the event: “Over 15 years after her death, Mo Mowlam is still regarded as one of the most influential politicians to have participated in Northern Irish political life. She was a determined, passionate, and thoughtful woman who, as Northern Ireland Secretary, was a crucial architect of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement. Personally, Mo was a phenomenal woman and faithful friend, who I miss dearly.”

“This event will celebrate not just Mo, but other women peacebuilders who are often erased from the history books. International Women’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to these women and their pursuit of peace in the face of misogyny and discrimination. I look forward to speaking with Henrietta who is in the process of directing a film about Mo’s life, work and the women around her that made peace possible in Northern Ireland.”

Henrietta Norton, filmmaker, and stepdaughter of Mo Mowlam (pictured), said: “Without Mo, there would be no peace process in Northern Ireland. Working closely with Monica and others from the Women’s Coalition, Mo appreciated that for the process to work, women’s voices needed to be heard. She worked closely with victims and survivors from both sides and was rewarded for her work with the signing of the Agreement over 20 years ago.”

“International Women’s Day is the time to highlight the often-neglected impact that strong, formidable women such as Mo can have on politics. This event will explore the practical efforts of women like Monica who worked tirelessly to achieve peace in Northern Ireland, whilst also remembering Mo and her role in Northern Irish history.

Eva Grosman, CEO at the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building, added: “We are thrilled to be hosting this event to mark International Women’s Day. Attendees will gain a fascinating insight into the life of one of the most revered women peacemakers in recent history. I look forward to hearing from Monica and Henrietta as they discuss what we can learn from Mo’s personal and political legacy.”

This online event will take place on 8 March 2021 from 6pm-7pm via Zoom. To register, please visit the following LINK

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